Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ideas for Jan-Lok-Mantri Manmohan Singh to respond to Nihilists and Fascists

Breaking News: I have now unsubscribed all the Sun TV group channels from my Tata Sky pack. I had removed all Kalaignar TV channels and Jaya TV in the previous round. Allegedly non-partisan and untainted channels DD Podhigai, Star Vijay and Raj TV(?!) are good enough for me.

In 2009, I campaigned vigorously to keep Manmohan Singh led Congress Govt from coming back to power. Its given that I'll campaign against the Congress Party and infavor for any right-liberal candidate in 2014.

However Manmohan Singh is now my Prime Minister. I thoroughly disapprove the unconstitutional and undemocratic actions taken by the Nihilists (of the IAC led by Anna Hazare) and the fascists (of the Sangh now led curiously by "Baba" Ramdev) to undermine the popularly elected government of the Republic.

Hence I'm offering my ideas to the Prime Minister, who shall now be referred as Jan-Lok-Mantri to emphasize his constitutional and democratic legitimacy.

1. Draft the Lokpal Bill before June 30, 2011 whether the nihilist members in the drafting committee co-operate or otherwise. Janlokpal Bill is utter garbage. Don't include any provision from that draft.

But ensure the Prime Minister is brought under the purview of Lokpal. Let it be a 3 member panel with no judicial powers. Ensure it is only a public ombudsman with powers to order investigation and assist in the prosecution. Don't bring grievance redressal under this. For more advice on the draft, refer to such renowned blogs like

2. Table the Lokpal Bill in the upcoming Monsoon session of Parliament, conduct a thorough debate, send it to standing committees if asked by opposition. Let the legislative process take its own time. Ignore any ultimatum set by nihilists.

3. Appoint a 3 member Lokpal Panel with a retired CJI of the Supreme Court (Justice Verma?) and a retired bureaucrat (Vittal?, Lyngdoh?) as members. Invite Justice Santosh Hegde to be the third member (to make him feel uncomfortable!).

4. Ensure that all congress ruled states appoint Lokayuktas. Invite Justice Hegde to the swearing in ceremony of all these new Lokayuktas. Send Rahul Gandhi and Shankarsingh Vaghela to fast in Sabarmati Ashram to force the Gujarat Govt under Fascist leader Narendra Modi to appoint a Lokayukta. (doesn't matter if its the Congress Leader of Opposition who might have stalled it until now!)

5. Reconstitute National Advisory Council with the Prime Minister as the chairman. Rename it as the National Welfare Council. Appoint Harsh Mander as the National Welfare Advisor. Invite Kiran Bedi and Swami Agnivesh to join the NWC. Conduct meetings of the National Security Council (NSC), NWC and the National Knowledge Commission (NKC) for three days in a row to rebuff critics who question the legitimacy of the NAC.

6. Tout the action taken against corrupt ministers/officials in a nation-wide campaign and project the Lokpal Bill as a great achievement of the Congress Party government.

See here for my previous advice/praise to the Prime Minister offered on August 03, 2007.


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