Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rajya Sabha discussion on Lokpal Bills

Arun Jaitley:

1. Lokpal can cover lower bureaucracy. Details can be worked out.

2. We do need Grievance Dedressal. Welcome displaying a citizens charter in govt offices.

3. Lokpal cannot be allowed to tap phones.

4. Parliament cannot law for establishing Lokayuktas.

Ashwani Kumar:

1. Serious doubt if Lokpal will be effective if lower bureaucracy is brought under it.

2. How can Lokpal Quasi-judicial powers to punish officials? Its unconstitutional.

3. Supreme court has already given protections with regard to Sanctions. Janlokpal provisions in this regard are unconstitutional.

4. Judiciary cannot be under Lokpal. They should come under Judicial Accountability Bill.

Sitaram Yechuri:

1. Lokayuktas can be formed by passing enabling legislation in the state assemblies.

2. Its not practical to include lower bureaucracy in the Lokpal purview. Make use of existing vigilance measures. Lokpal can perhaps be made as an appellate body.

3. Judiciary - there is consensus that judiciary cannot be under lokpal.

4. Grievance Redressal - there is already a bill in the public domain regarding this. That bill can be passed a reference made in the Lokpal bill.

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