Sunday, October 28, 2012

Endorsement: Mitt Romney for US president

If the world economy has to roar back again, we need US economy growing. Barack Obama with his class warfare, entitlement and anti-business policies has slowed down the recovery. Socialists may occasionally fool people with bleeding hearts, but rarely govern. I had predicted as much when Obama was sworn in four years ago.

Mitt Romney has proven leadership in business (Bain Capital), administration (Salt Lake City Winter Olympics) and religion (LDS church missionary and later Minister). As Governor of a left liberal state (Massachusetts), he worked with a Democrat legistlature to introduce Universal Healthcare and balanced the budget without raising debt or taxes.

The criticism of Mitt Romney as a flip flopper is infact a positive sign for independent voters. Its very likely that he'll bring his pragmatic business acumen to the White House and abandon the racist, women/gays hating, rape-endorsing, god-freaks in his own Republican party.
Above all, Mitt Romney comes across a very decent man. Obama sadly has run a campaign so indecent that he should not even be re-elected as dog catcher let alone as President. Romney has a plan for America's future, Obama doesn't. Comparing their running mates, an humble, hardworking, policy wonk like Paul Ryan with a barely senile and dangerously character-less Joe Biden, is unnecessary.

Please vote for Mitt Romney to rescue the US economy.

Learn more about Romney here.

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