Saturday, December 29, 2012

Change begins with me!

1. Law and order won't improve if I bribe a cop or a babu.
2. Fiscal deficit won't go away if I produce fake medical bills, rental receipts to evade income tax or don't pay capital gains tax.
3. Women won't be liberated if I accept dowry, think wedding is bride's expense or that my in-laws should shower me with gifts and foot some bills all my life.
4. Sales tax evasion won't go away if I buy goods at a bania shop without a bill, when a organized retail outlet exists nearby.
5. Jobs won't be created if I pirate movies and music. Or don't complain when its played in my presence. How many women sell their bodies to get an 'extra' job in a movie? How many blows do stuntmen suffer for a paycheck?
6. Poverty won't go away if I haggle with a vegetable vendor or crib about my maid's salary.
7. Children won't go to school if I throw money at a traffic signal or through a charity.
8. Society won't look at women with respect, if I worship Rama or insist women wear burqa.
9. Large scale corruption won't go away if I vote for a Yeddyurappa or Jayalalitha or Raja in my constituency.
10. Corporate corruption won't go away if I watch Sun TV, Kalaignar TV and own Reliance stock.
11. Power cuts won't go away if I keep my monitor on while leaving or use a lift to ground from second floor.
12. Entrepreneurs, students and self-help groups won't get loans if banks can instead make easy money from my credit card purchases.
13. Dented-painted politicians and outright criminals won't be defeated at the polls if I'm not registered to vote or don't turn up.
14. Human rights and political discourse won't improve if I support Narendra Modi.
15. My city won't welcome new immigrants if I don't speak its language.
16. Queues won't be formed if I hold a 100 rupee note over other's head in a restaurant counter.


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