Saturday, February 23, 2013

We are responsible for Hyderabad Blasts

Yes, we were asking for it.

1. We didn't question how a Muslim Indian citizen (Afzal Guru) can be hanged without informing his wife and young kids and his body not even given to them and buried in a jail. This when half a dozen Tamil terrorists are dodging the noose for more heinous crimes against the state.

2. We didn't question how a Muslim Indian politician (Owaisi) can be arrested for merely making a speech, when Narendra Modi, who watched as thousands died in riots organized by his party, is reelected CM and is widely projected as a potential PM.

3. We were not offended by a parasite temple that has crept up on Charminar with the only intent to provoke and humiliate the Muslims living in that area. Hey, Charminar is a national monument too and the best known feature of Hyderabad.

4. We were not horrified when the Allahabad High Court bench (comprising a Hindu [Brahminist to be exact], a muslim and a jain) delivered a split verdict on communal lines to justify the demolition of the 15th century Babri Masjid in Ayodhya and further gave most of the land to the demolishers.

5. We blindly followed the govt and media que to hyper-ventilate about Pakistan, when India also has a history of beheading Pakistanis on the LoC (as reported on front page by The Hindu). We didn't even question the most recent incident where India apparently built bunkers violating the terms of the ceasefire agreement, which led to killing of soldiers on both sides, of which only one beheading were publicized.

6. We have a history of opposing the migration of poor muslims from Bangladesh while you want "hindus" from Pakistan, Srilanka or even Uganda to enter India freely and get benefits.

7. We didn't protest when a Jewish clan of few thousand people in Meghalaya sought and obtained citizenship in Israel and immigrated there, when millions of Arabs are living live animals in Gaza and refugee camps in neighboring countries because of Zionism.

8. We ironically are offended by the term Hindu terrorism (suggested by a dimwit when its infact Sangh Terrorism). Why are RSS/BJP and affiliate organizations not terrorist outfits when they have killed muslims in successive riots from even before independence? What is the difference between Sangh parivar organizations headed by RSS and Mohan Bhagwat in India and the Jihadi organizations headed by JuD and Hafeez Saeed in Pakistan?

* A Gujarat BJP minister is convicted of rioting and muslim killing and sentenced to 38 years in prison.
* Gujarat VHP President is sentenced to jail till his natural death in the same case.

* RSS leader Sunil Joshi (later murdered by colleagues), Pragya, Purohit and scores of others for a series of blasts (Samjauta express killed 68 muslims, Hyderabad mecca masjid, Malegaon).
* A Gujarat DGP is arrested and is being tried for burning a muslim wife in a brick klin in his village so that BJP leaders in Rajasthan and Gujarat led by Gujarat's then home minister and now 'relected MLA on bail', can get away with the murder of Shahabuddin and Tulsiram Prajapati?

* A senior Gujarat police officier is now arrested for the murder of a muslim girl Ishrat Jahan.
* Scores of Bajrang Dal workers are convicted for rioting and Christian killing in Kandhamal including Dara Singh who burnt a priest and his young sons and his organization was defended publicly by the Union Home Minister.
* Why are Advani and Sushma Swaraj writing letters to the Prime Minister on behalf of Pragya, charged with terrorism when even Afzal Guru's body cannot be given to relatives?

The above list doesn't even include hundreds of individual cases where Sangh Parivar members have been accused and convicted for killing Muslims during Gujarat riots. Yet, Sangh Parivar outfits are not terrorist organizations?

We are alive reading this merely because of probability. Like the victims of Hyderabad blasts, our turn may come too.


Anonymous said...

chutiya hai kya behenchod...

Anonymous said...

afzal guru ke liye bada daya aa raha hai.. aur jo maare jaate hai aisi haramiyo ki wajah se unka kya.. ek kaam kar miyyan ban ja... aur gand utha ke namaj padh aa.. jaaa