Monday, February 28, 2005

Election Results

Election results are out! Before going into the details, we must remember that the three states which went to the polls Bihar, Jharkand and Haryana have polictians of the worst kind (cutting across party lines) and whoever comes to power is going to do nothing to improve the situation of the people who have elected them. Chautala, Laloo Yadav and Shibu Soren should have been defeated and the people have indeed defeated them. In Haryana the verdict has been clear whereas its not so in the other two states. People of Bihar wanted to throw Laloo out and it would be a shame if he were to manage to form a govt with the support of Ram Vilas Paswan. Nitish Kumar has yet again come so close and the 'gaddi' might still elude him. I think he should have been given a chance by the Biharis. In Jharkand, Shibu Soren's arrogance has helped BJP to come in sight of power again. People like Shibu Soren should have no place in Politics and I am glad that he might end up in the doghouse. This despite the fact that BJP govt in Jharkand was hardly a good one. One thing the recent elections have taught us is that people are not ready to forgive (atleast for a short time) the arrogance of politicians and their kin. The arrogant ones are thrashed while the reasonable but yet non-performers are given honorable defeats. Ajit Jogi, NDA - India Shining, Jayalalitha, Shiv Sena, Shibu Soren, Chautala.... the arrogant list continues.

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