Friday, March 04, 2005

Indian Media for Justice!

One of the heartening results of the 'Supari Killing' of Democracy by Jharkhand Governor Syed Sibtey Razi has been the unprecedented response by the Indian Media. Most of the new papers and the electronic media have come out strongly against this atrocious subversion of democracy by the Congress Party. The fact that Editorials, Independent Columns and even letters to the editors have condemned what has happened in Jharkhand might reflect the general mood among the People or atleast among the news savvy people in India. This is a welcome change. Of late Media has been playing a constructive role in exposing the real faces of the Politicians. Tehalka, Gujarat Riots and the like. They have even gone a step ahead and are no longer shy of exposing Indian Army's atrocities in Kashmir and the North east. Hope they continue on this path. Ofcourse there are exceptions!! When most of the leading News Papers in the country have launched a scathing attack on the congress party, 'The Hindu' daily is not amused except for a subtle condemnation in the editorial. If one reads the Hindu today, one hardly gets the feeling of national outrage expressed by the Media in general. We have always known that 'The Hindu' is a Communist mouthpiece. This silence on Jharkhand only strengthens such suspicions. Pity that many households in Tamilnadu would have started their morning with 'The Hindu' on hand. Anyway Tamilnadu hardly gets to hear news from Independent sources. Sun TV, Jaya TV, Raj TV, Tamilan TV, Dinakaran.....

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