Friday, March 11, 2005

Jharkhand Fallout

Day before y'day the Supreme Court of India intervened in the Jharkhand imbroglio and passed few orders. Its obvious that the spirit of this judgement is valid. i.e the wrong committed in Jharkhand must be corrected and that Soren and Razi must be made accountable. Indirectly its a slap on the face of Sonia Gandhi & co. But Supreme court's intervention in the working of the Legislature is not entirely desirable. In view of the appalling standards of the politicians we have, the courts are forced to act and this might become regular in the future. I can understand the reaction of some political parties and that of the Lok Sabha Speaker in asking for a discussion on this matter. All their views carry little conviction now because of the shameless congress behaviour in Jharkhand. But this question of Court-Legislature relationship needs to revisited and ground rules should be formulated after this Jharkhand issue is sorted out. The role of Governors should also be discussed. DMK has in the past demanded the abolition of this post. That is not a entirely bad idea! Though such discussions may not produce concrete legislative results, it may bring some consensus on what is the acceptable behaviour of Governors. Jharkhand controversy has indeed had several consequences. First of all it has wasted my time and blog space!! It has exposed the real face of congress and Sonia Gandhi (well! infact that is a desirable effect!!). It has led to waste of Parliamentary time. It has restrained Congress from playing dirty tricks again in Bihar and Goa. It has led to scathing attacks on Manmohan Singh by the BJP (L K Advani y'day in Parliament). No matter what spin Manmohan Singh and Congress put to defend him, the fact remains that he stands thoroughly humiliated. All these would have never happened but for the third rate politics emanating from 10 Janpath. Alas! More of my blogspace might be wasted on this issue if Soren Government is not defeated today in the Jharkhand Assembly!

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