Friday, July 01, 2005

How fast is the Indian Media?

Yesterday (June 30th) the Indian media alongwith its counterparts across the world went to town with the "Old Witch" story. I reckon the documents pertaining to the Nixon-Kissinger discussions were declassified by the US State Department at the start of this month. If that is the case, what made the Indian Media to report this so late? I had come to know of these documents and their content ("Indians are bastards anyway!" - Kissinger) almost a week back. Though I don't recollect where I read the story, I find that Thai Magazine, 'Asia Times Online' has carried this story on June 23rd. The only conclusion I can make is that the Indian Media has picked up this story from the American Media which reported it Yesterday or the day before. While I can understand American Media reporting about the documents on South Asia at their Leisure, I cannot fathom why the Indian Media would miss such an interesting story. In a Sonia slave country, her Mother-In-Law being called an "Old Witch" and worse a "bitch" would have been sensational. What a shame that a country which seems to be getting a new News Channel every other day takes close to a month to find out the contents of declassified US documents on South Asia and its most popular Prime Minister yet.

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