Friday, June 24, 2005

UN Security Council Expansion

Back again in US after my trip to India. Checked out Kualalumpur on the way! So UN Security Council Expansion is on news more often now. US as usual thinks everyone else is a fool and it alone can call the shots. As if the G-4 and the Coffee club proposals weren't enough, US proposes to add 'two or so' permanent members to the SC. In some ways it makes sense. After all if the democratisation is the ultimate objective, we should be having no permanent members at all. Not to mention the veto. In simple terms what is happening is a popularity contest!. In this race Japan is favorite except that China is determined that Japan will have no place in the high table. Germany seems to be the least favorite despite being the third largest monetary contributor to UN. Reason: too much European representation. Brazil has a chance I guess if Latin America has to be represented. I can understand the American disgust at having South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt etc at the high table simply because Africa needs to be represented. Now where does it leave India. I don't think any country in the world except Pakistan has objections to India becoming a Permanent member. (Without any feeling of Jingoism,) India definitely has the right to be at the high table. But is this SC expansion going to materialize. There is a long road ahead. We should be happy if US endorses India's candidature during Manmohan Singh's visit this July and leave the issue to rest. If and when the expansion takes place India will be there unless we spectacularly screw up! Until that time let the contest go on!

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