Saturday, August 27, 2005

Plagiarism in Tamil Cinema

Tamil Cinema is doing a great service to the people these days. If there is a movie which is good or atleast a hit elsewhere you can be rest assured our directors will copy that in no time!! Most of the movies made in Tamil these days are either remakes or shameless copies. Its as if the entire industry has lost its brains altogether. Here's a recent list of copycats/remakes. Gajini/Memento, Ah..Aah/Eternal Sunshine..., Chandramukhi, Maja, most movies starring Vijay or newcomers Ravi, Ravikrishna etc. How can one explain Tamil industry borrowing from the Telugu industry which has a reputation for making only third rate movies. Add to this the near total absence of Tamil actresses in Tamil movies. Less we talk about the Music the better. There are some music directors who I'm sure have never composed a tune of their own!! Then there are others like Harris Jeyaraj whose talent is so limited that you can easily predict what he will compose in the next movie. What about the director S J Surya? Police are after him for making semi-porno movies! He seems to have developed a great strategy. Grab a better made Hollywood movie, add as much sleaze as possible and now we have a hit! With such credentials, he had the gal to insist naming his movies in English. Then there is Shankar who has made as many as four movies with a single story line. His most recent pathetic movie Anniyan is the latest blockbuster!! So much for the taste of the Tamils. Even people of some credence like Maniratnam and Kamal have a long history of Plagiarism. Its depressing to think how so many people can come up with so little. So next time when you see a better made Tamil movie, don't forget to find the movie it was stolen from!


Anonymous said...

You are highly mistaken if you think Telugu movie industry makes third-rate movies. It is the original Telugu movies made by the great director K.Viswanath in the 70s and 80s which were dubbed/remade into Tamil. These include classics like 'Sagara Sangamam','Sankarabharanam','Swathi Muthyam' etc. Telugu movies were so immensely popular in Madras or Chennai (a name derived from the Telugu word 'Chennapatnam' )where half the population knows the language, that the TN govt. had to put restrictions on their screening.
But i do agree that the quality of Telugu movies has fallen in recent times.

btw..the latest Telugu movie by K.Viswanath , 'Swarnakamalam', won 4 National Awards recently, including the best music award.

Balaji said...

I accept your views. But I stand by my classification of the present day Telugu industry as third rate. My blog y'day is more of a frustration at the state of affairs in Tamil Cinema. Also Tamil industry did produce much better movies in the past and does occasionally even today. As is the case with Telugu movies, the standard has gone down drastically. As for the awards I seem to forget the last occasion when Tamil industry failed to get a national award. But that doesn't reflect on the general standard of the Tamil movies which is plainly pathetic.

Murali said...
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