Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ten Experimentation Ideas for Chappell

Experimentation seems to be the mantra for our new cricket coach Chappell. I just wanted to pinch in with some more ideas!

1. While batting first, we will declare the innings when we score more than 250 runs or lose 5 wickets. We should learn to defend low scores, you see.
2. While batting second, we will set some pre-determined asking rate. Say 8 per over. If the target is 240, we should win the match in 30 overs else we will bat out the rest of the overs without scoring. How else can we become better chasers?
3. When a bowler bowls, all the 9 fielders will be either on the on or off side. Afterall bowlers need the discipline to bowl on a select line. If the bowler bowls on the wrong line, he himself should go and fetch the ball. If he bowls 5 or more such balls in a match, he will be dropped.
4. A batsman who leaves the ball or gets beaten 3 times in a over should retire not out. A batsman should atleast know how to middle the ball. We will send 'confidential' emails about the mental state of such batsmen later that day.
5. On a select match, there will be no wicket keeper. How else will bowlers learn to make the batsman play. If the batsman misses, they should have bowled him. If he gives 10 or more runs as byes, he will be dropped and will have to play Duleep trophy for five years to be again considered for selection.
6. Whenever a player makes his debut, he will be made the captain for that match. He can choose to bat at whatever position he wants and will be allowed to bowl 10 overs no matter how many runs he gives away. What better way to boost his confidence?
7. For a match, there will be no captain. Players will draw straws to decide who will bat next or bowl the next over. It will make the team flexible.
8. A captain who loses the toss three or more times in a series will be removed. If we can't win tosses, how can he win us matches?
9. Any player who has played for 4 years or has played in a world cup will have to retire. Afterall we are always preparing for the next world cup.
10. At the start of the match, we will decide how many players will play that match. It can be any number between 2 and 12. The opposition will crack because of this surprise element.


Vijayanand said...

The Balaji Blog Algorithm:

(a) Choose an entity of proven good reputation (eg: Manmohan, congress, chappell) , bash him/it

(b) Choose an entity of proven malice,inefficiency (eg:BJP,Ganguly...) glorify him/it

Anonymous said...

I won't comment on the particular blogging style of Balaji. If I am pressed, I would say that he is very informative, and frank in his opinion - Just the reason, I keep coming back to put forth my 2 cents.

I always fought on the Issue of Manmohan Singh. Being the PM of India is no easy thing. It is not like waving a magic wand and wishing away the so called bad elements like Lalu Yadav etc.

To digress, I once had a chat with a Bihari friend and he mentioned an interesting thing about Lalu Yadav. He agreed that Lalu Yadav has meant that Bihar is at the bottom of the development ladder. But one thing he has ensured is that there are no Hindu-Muslim riots in Bihar. Bihar is explosive, I can only imagine BJP coming into power in Bihar and the place exploding with riots. If I am a common man, I would say, "I don't need I.T. to be bought into my state as long as you don't, atleast, instigate riots that kill us all". It seems, so I heard, this is the greatest contribution of Lalu Yadav to Bihar - Hindu-Muslim harmony in the state.

The PM has no easy job. It is a delicate task of balancing the various parties and elements and still allowing India to move forward, albeit at Elephants's pace.

BJP? What did it contribute? The nuclear weapon? Who is their leader?
How many more Muslims and Hindus must die in the future? Yes, I can see it...BJP coming into power, Ayodya coming into the mainstream politics, India in civil unrest, blood, gore, abused women, orphaned children, broken trusts...all in the name of God and a temple. BJP will be the death of India and the whole concept of 'Akhand Bharat'.

As for Greg Chappell (remember I supported him even before the recent successes), he deserves more respect.

The battle lines are drawn, our stands on issues are clear, looking forward to more blogs...and counter-blogs.