Saturday, December 17, 2005

Back to business

Its back to business (blogging) after a month long projects/exams enforced hiatus. So much has happened in the meanwhile. Seems the world goes on even in my absence!! ok.. Laloo family is finally ousted in Bihar. Good for everyone. Now its upto Nitish and Modi to put some sense into governance in Bihar. is out too. Good for not for one dada. Sharad Pawar despite being a Politician may end up doing good for BCCI. Baramati looked better in that dust bowl out there in the Deccan. Uma Bharati is out too. Good for everyone. Yeah, despite the shameful manner in which Chauhan was installed as Chief Minister, Uma's ouster is good for the future of BJP and Madhya Pradesh. She does have a mass appeal but very immature nevertheless and BJP could not have afforded to continue the her drama. Natwar Singh is out too. Good for everyone. If the BJP can also have Shivraj Patil, Buta Singh, Laloo Yadav and his rapist et al junta ousted from their positions, Manmohan Singh will be a happy man. Kumaratunga is out replaced by Rajapakse and we might have as well seen the first bullets fired (again) in Ealam. God save the hapless Tamils from the LTTE and the Sinhala Maniacs. And finally..alas..Ganguly is out too...or is he? Well his ouster may well be the necessacity of time but why should we treat him like this. For all his wrongs, he is still a national icon and my personal hero! Hope he is given an opportunity for a graceful exit. This cricket mad country owes him that much. And how would I love to write...Chappel is out too.....

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