Monday, November 27, 2006

Balaji's day out!

1. Going for a morning walk at -5 degree C.
2. And doing that on Route 66 at 7000 feet elevation in Flagstaff.
3. Being on an Helicopter for the first time ever.
4. And flying over the Grand Canyon.
5. Watching a movie at an IMAX for the first time ever.
6. And watching an incredible National Geographic movie on that.
7. Getting a speeding ticket for the first time ever. (I wasn't driving!).
8. And getting that in pitch dark on the Grand Canyon South rim (US 64).

Can you imagine doing all this within 24 hrs? I did and will post photos later.


Arun said...

how was the exp, flying over GC? worth it?

Balaji said...

well...honestly Grand Canyon didn't impress me even on my first trip! i'm more fascinated by what nature (sun/snow/colorado) and humans (hike/raft) do with it!

anyway you may enjoy seeing the Colorado, North rim, Shiva temple etc on the Chopper ride.


GuNs said...

Clap clap clap...a standing applause for Balaji the explorer. Eagerly awaiting the photos.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Nice to see a personal post for a change :D.

Looking forward to the pics :)


Dr Ashok Dhamija said...

What you did in 24 hours, many people are not able to do even in their life-times!