Monday, June 25, 2007


Guess I have grown too old and too lazy...find Yellowstone pics. Now off to meet some buddies in Smokies next week. hiyyaa!


Friday Evening: Flew to Salt Lake City from LA and thence to Rexburg, Idaho.
Saturday: Enter Yellowstone thru west entrance. Old Faithful, Gibbon Falls, Mammoth Springs. Wine misadventure in Gardiner, Montana.
Sunday: Tower Falls, Yellowstone river, Lake etc. Togwotee Mountain Lodge, Moran, Wyoming.
Monday: Grand Tetons, Jackson Lake, Hidden Falls Hike, Jenny Lake Ferry ride.

Four days, Five states.


Arun said...

Nice pics.
How come the bear foto? Was it shielded?

Balaji said...

no da. this grizzly coolly crossed the road infront of some 300 people. people stop the cars to watch animals. but this one didn't seem to be bothered at all. we took pics while it was on the road as well. it wasn't as clear as this though.

it was more like paparazzi surrounding a chik. it was funny.

December Stud said...

Did you go to lamar Valley? I saw a bear rescue it's child from 8 wolves there and it was amazing....

Yellowstone is undoubtedly one of the best places out here.

Nice pics....

Balaji said...

Lamar Valley? No, I missed it. Well, Yellowstone is so humongous, I guess it'll take several visits to cover them all.

Bears and Wolves, wow! that must have been quite an experience!