Sunday, April 13, 2008

Boycott Beijing 2008!

The Flame of Shame (aka the Beijing Olympic Torch) is reaching Delhi this week. Let there be hell!

The Tibetans will be there, and so will be Reporters sans Frontiers protesting China's suppression of journalistic freedom. Burmese and pro-Darfur activists will be protesting the rape of Burma and Sudan resp. The Chinese who's brains have not been addled by propaganda will be demanding Democracy.

And India will be represented by truck loads of security forces doing China's bidding to crush free speech and democratic protests in what is supposedly the largest democracy in the world. The Olympic Torch relay invented by the Nazis to bully Germany's neighbors is living true to its heritage.

Now, if you wanna give me the crap that Politcs should not enter sports, we are just asking for the boycott of the torch relay and the opening ceremony in Beijing. If all this doesn't convince you, consider these ...

1. Few months ago, the Chinese ambassador to India condemned Manmohan Singh's visit to Arunachal Pradesh! This, when Manmohan Singh didn't even have the ba**s to visit Tawang.
2. Two weeks ago, China summoned India's amabassador to China past midnight and warned her of dire consequences if India didn't put down the Tibetan protests in India.
3. China has a pattern of creating buffer states to threaten neighbors. They overran and created Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang (Eastern Turkestan) as buffers against Mongolia and Central Asia resp. In Tibet they have done better by not just creating buffer regions of Sichuan, Yunnan and Gansu, but invading Tibet itself.
4. In India, China occupies Aksai Chin (against Ladakh), North Karakoram (against Kashmir), parts of Uttaranchal and parts of Tawang (against Arunachal and thence to the North East India).
5. And did I mention that it runs two national parties in India and a 'national' newspaper? Thats beside the fact that Indian Army was so humiliated in 1962 that there is very little chance of it defending the country against China.
6. And ofcourse, China provided nuclear weapons to Pakistan and jeopardised India's and world security forever.

Its actually tragic that India which has suffered more at the hands of China and is taking it all down like a cowering dog is gonna try to prevent Tibetans from protesting in Delhi.

Its your choice. Boycott the Boycott at your own peril.

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Cool. Loved your stuff. Would you care to explicitly mention the newspaper that works for China :-) ?. Also, you might be interested in Rajeev's blog :