Tuesday, April 01, 2008

On Pulikesis and Mada mallas...

The Circus has returned! What on hell are Tamil Nadu and Karnataka fighting for this time around?

1. Hogenakkal is not part of Tamil Nadu? Dude, its the border. I don't know whether the recently inaugurated project has construction on the Karnataka side. Even if it has, why on hell can't it be on the Karnataka side? The Periyar Dam is exclusively in Kerala and it still serves the irrigation needs of Tamil Nadu. The dumbheads who want to turn Hogenakkal into another Belagawi should take a break.
2. Having said that, its completely ok for both the governments to argue over the project as long it takes. The quantity of Tamil Nadu's utilization of the Kaveri waters is a crucial point of disagreement and if both governments want to argue, wrangle and take to courts, go for it! Thats what the babus are paid for. Spare the people for heaven's sake.
3. If the Karnataka government had indeed agreed to the project in 1998 as claimed by the Tamil Nadu government and are now feigning to have no memory of it, it should be condemned. This utter lack of seriousness and incredulity on the part of Karnataka politicians/babus is sickening. These guys once had the temerity to say to the Supreme Court that its order cannot be implemented in Karnataka!
4. And why is this a Tamil vs Kannadiga issue everytime? Its an issue between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Even the beneficiaries of this drinking water project include large numbers of Kannada and Telugu speaking people in the districts of Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri. They make such large numbers that Karnataka politicians campaign there more often than their Tamil Nadu counterparts! Where does language come here?
5. Why do we need a Thiruvalluvar statue in Bengaluru of all places? Can you give that bard a rest? Most Tamils are so stupid that they don't even know that he was a Jain philosopher and hence an atheist. But they have changed their calendar to start on his supposed birthday around January 15, 2031 BC. And when I asked some of those idiots to give me a single shred of evidence to prove that he lived even a century on either side of that date, I was attacked! That intelligent man if he had not achieved nirvana would have now been filing court cases against his own statues!
6. Why on hell are theaters screening Tamil movies being attacked in Bengaluru? Saddam Hussein, Raj Kumar, Bihari railway applicants, Kaveri water... why does Bengaluru bristle for every damn issue?
7. And why are the nut cases in the Tamil movie industry adding fuel to the fire? Get a life guys. We, the people of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka do not give a damn about you actors. Stop pretending to have brains all of a sudden.

ps: If you didn't get the title: Pulikesi II, although a brilliant Chalukya ruler, is caricatured as some crazy Tughlag by Tamils. 'Mada malla' means stupid wrestler instead of 'Mamalla' (great wrestler) as Narasimha Pallava who fought the Chalukyas was celebrated in Tamil Nadu.


FlyingHigh said...

'Karnataka Rakshna Vedike' is responisble for 4 and 6. They are the Shivsena equivalent here, you cant reason with them.

Umm hang ourselves? Oh wait 3 has been edited! My reader shows something else!

Balaji said...

actually I don't mind Karnataka having an org like KRV! but they seem to have the same modus operandi for every protest. if not for Yeddiyurappa and the ensuing elections, people would have ignored KRVs protest.

>> Umm hang ourselves? Oh wait 3 has been edited! My reader shows something else!

yep! what I meant to say was, People of Karnataka should be embarrassed about the less than professional stance of their government. if the government behaves so silly, its gonna hurt the state in the long term.

Karnataka deserves better politicians than it has had. more on that in a later post.

Arun said...

both tamils and kannidagas suck. i vote for kashmiris.

Arun said...

see bullshit talk by rajni,

Arun said...

i STRONGLY agree with 7.
these cinema "actors", turn everything into publicity stunt as if they really give a shit. wat saddists who've converted tsunami nidhi collection, into a popularity contest. thx to them and douchebag politicians like karunanidhi for converting us into racists.

Balaji said...

>> douchebag politicians


its the second time in recent times Karunanidhi's ill-temper has made TN pay. he unnecessarily talked about Rama and the setu project is now in the dog house.

slly, he talked crap about Kannadigas recently in Chennai that infuriated them. Now he has climbed down and announced that Hogenakkal project is to be put on hold until the elections in KA are complete. i guess the circus will continue after that.