Monday, July 21, 2008

The color is Red!

Wow, its a dream come true for political observers in the country. Three formations in an eye-to-eye battle with huge political stakes is exactly what the pundits ordered. Whatever be the outcome of tomorrow's vote, India's political scene has taken a dramatic if not chaotic turn.

I have always advocated CPM staying away from Congress. That gives India an excellent set of options, nationalism (BJP), socialism (Congress) and communism to choose from. Third Fronts of the past were always suspect in the eyes of the voters because they were anchored by political pimps like V P Singh and Harkishen Singh Surjeet who neither had ideology nor long term ambitions to stay afloat.

But todays third front (I wish they name themselves as People's front or something instead of the stupid 'UNPA') is charioteered by the most ideologically honest and principled politician of our times, Prakash Karat. And in Mayavati, they have an ambitious leader who will keep them afloat atleast in the short term. Yes, this has all the markings of a hung Parliament after the next elections and political uncertainty. But what good has Political stability under Manmohan Singh done to us? Nothing.

At this point, I'm most worried about the BJP. It has some of the most irrational arm-chair strategists who come up with bizarre political tactics. These lazybodies apparently are now thinking of bailing out the Manmohan Singh govt so that the 'Mayamania' is stopped in its track and the polity can return to the bi-polar, NDA-UPA scenario. BJP should be wary of these impotent players who think TINA (There is no alternative) is the only mantra for success in the upcoming elections.

Advani should urge its party to stay the course in the next 36 hours and defeat this Manmohan Singh government. If the credit for pulling down goes to Karat-Mayavati duo, the merrier it is. BJP should create a situation where Congress and Communists are at each others throats. Only that'll insure BJP's long term political future.

And morons like Ajit Singh and Deve Gowda joining UNPA is welcome too. It'll help the party secure Jat votes in UP and keep the opposition divided in Karnataka respectively. And any gains by TDP can simply be counted as NDA's. So press that freaking red button and send the Sardar packing.

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