Friday, December 05, 2008


1. Why didn't terrorists surface again to kill the nihilists who rallied in Mumbai?
2. Which moron is spreading the canards about the so-called 49-O option of no-Vote?
3. What will be the best punishment for the traitors who fail to vote, on purpose?
4. Why is the prime culprit in this whole saga, NSA Narayanan not being targeted by the media?
5. Who was the politician who reportedly made the NSG wait for hours, so that he can accompany them to Mumbai?
6. How would have Narayanan been punished in the middle ages? Stoning? Mob lynching? Impalement? Crucification?
7. Was Manmohan Singh briefed by R&AW and/or Narayanan of the possible sea-borne attack on the Taj? If not, why? If yes, shouldn't we repeat step 6 for Manmohan?
8. Was the Nariman House deliberately ignored for two days into the attack becos Jewish killings are the best propaganda material against Pakistan?
9. Why doesn't spreading rumors of terrorist attacks on live television land Rajdeep Sardesai in jail?
10. When did you get to know, that most of the (reported) casualties occurred within the first hour at CST and not at the luxury hotels?


Arun said...

too many questions:)

Vijay said...

Why do you use words likes f*c*in??!!

Either use 'fucking' or don't use that word.

Balaji said...

:) removed.