Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hoysala tales from Malnad

There are few things in life for which there are no explanations. Like, why it took me six months since moving here to visit Halebeedu, Belur and Sravanabelagola.

On a quiet evening on a small hillock in Malnad, I felt a chill go down my spine while thinking that Chandra Gupta Maurya may well have spent the last days of his glorious Jain life in that very place. Imagine that!


Saturday: Bus to Channarayapatna and thence to Belagola. Try the home-made jain food. Its delicious. Stay the night in Hassan.

Sunday: Halebeedu and Belur.


Arun said...

awesome photographs.

altered egos said...

Ya the three make a nice trip. we visited these places on a lovely rainy day. Sravanabelagola is not unlike gomateshwara except the height of the monolith. I like the immense similarity between the two places. but halibedu was brilliant. in fact what was most interesting was the wall carvings at different stages of incompletion ( will send u a few pictures in case u did not notice). we missed belur (which is a shame) because of the heavy downpour.

Balaji said...

yeah, i also felt visiting these places on a rainy day would be better. the bland sunlight made many of pics look very ordinary.

in belagola, more than the monolith, i liked the basadis on Chandragiri. the parsvanath statue in one of the basadis was awesome.

FlyingHigh said...

Ah, I've been to all these places!

Balaji said...

good for you!

anyway I'm embarrassed that I didn't do this trip on my first weekend here.