Monday, March 30, 2009

Bus hikers guide to Coorg and Wayanad

3 days, 15 bus rides and such wonderful people! Incredible India, it is!

Day 1: Kushalnagara and Madikeri

(i) Bangalore -> Kushalnagara.

rides ii and iii: Kushalnagara -> Madikeri and back.

* the lightening dhamaka on the ticket saleswomen at Raja's seat.
* the auto driver Anwar to Abbi Falls.
* yummy idiyappam with some Bamboo soot dish.

Day 2: Dubare and the sojourn across Coorg into Wayanad.

ride iv: Kushalnagara -> Dubare.

* wishing those tribal kids Mannu, Anjal and Sarasa are not stuck in Dubare like those unfortunate elephants.
* roadside tamarind hunt with stone missiles.

rides v, vi, vii, viii, ix, x: Dubare -> Siddapur -> Gonikoppa -> Kutta -> Tholpetty -> Manathavady -> Kalpetta.

* miles and miles of Coffee, Arecanut plantation.
* the cute school kids of Hundi village.
* the Kutta conductor has 'kept' his mobile phone for 500 bucks and needs to get it back.
* such helpful people of tholpetty.
* the drunkard who wailed to "thamburan" when asked for ticket and later fell flat on the bus floor and the conductor who kept change balance with almost everyone on the packed bus.

Day 3: Edakkal Cave and Mysore.

rides xi, xii, xiii, xiv: Kalpetta ~~ Edakkal ~~ Sulthan Bathery -> Mysore.

* what really are our New Stone Age ancestors telling us by scribbling under Edakkal (Idaikkal - Tamil)
* Bathery to Mysore thru Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary and Bandipur.

ride xv: Mysore -> Bangalore.

* hindustani classical at the palace.
* is "open masala" dosa now extinct? Hotel Santosh where I have had it several summers ago didn't have it this time.
* and the final forgettable bus ride to bangalore.
* forget tanning. looking into the mirror its more like 'tar'ring.

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