Monday, March 16, 2009


This post reminded me of the half day I spent in Singapore in early 2007. Curiously, I hadn't posted pics from 3 trips in a row including this one. Will post others later!

I remember Singapore as a claustrophobic, character less, over governed city. I feel sorry for the people who live there. There's more to living than money and sea food, folks.

Itinerary: Went to some Mariamman Temple by train. Took a boat ride from near the parliament. Went to the Asian Civilizations Museum and the Esplanade. And loitered around the city malls trying to kill time!


FlyingHigh said...

I felt the same about Malaysia, fake, unfriendly and claustrophobic. And I spent 4 days there!

Btw I stole your format for one my posts.

Balaji said...

yeah. but I found Kualalumpur a little better than Singapore. maybe bcos Kualalumpur feels more like madras and real people live there!

GuNs said...

Ha ha more what? More chaos, more crime, more corruption, more dirt, more filth, more backbiting and infighting, more lack of civic or even plain common sense? By those standards, we're plenty privileged, aren't we?

Top pictures though.