Monday, November 30, 2009

Deeksha Bhoomi, Sevagram, Pavanar

Went to Nagpur for a friend's wedding. Pity there isn't much or rather nothing left from the Vakataka dynasty that ruled this area around the 4th Century. But I did check out few places of contemporary importance.

Deeksha Bhoomi, the place where Ambedkar along with his followers initiated into Buddhism on 14 October, 1956.

Pavanar ashram of Vinobha Bhave. Reading his writings now. I'm amazed at the breadth of his knowledge. And inspired by his call for "freedom from the government". If and when I form a liberal political party of my own (!?!!), 'Sarvodaya Sangha' cud be a possible name for the party :-)

Sevagram - preparing for the evening prayers. Gandhi used to lead such prayers. I wish Sevagram had remained a 'gram' (village).

Travel tip: Sevagram and Pavanar are near Wardha, which is some 70 kms south of Nagpur.


1. Nagpur seems a cute city. I wud like to spend more time there.
2. Maharashtrians are such a nice people. I had spent 3 months of 2004 roaming around Ahmednagar. Nice to be back.
3. Pity that north-indians are abusing the hospitality of such a cultured and proud people.
4. And ofcourse, didn't bother to visit the supreme fascist head quarters based in the city.

Jai Maharashtra!

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dimpy roy said...

Good post. Known for its historic past and rich culture, the city houses several ornate temples, serene parks, verdant forests and picturesque lakes. Check out more about Deekshabhoomi also.