Friday, December 16, 2011

Thanks Hitch, for everything.

Christopher Hitchens has passed away. I think writing about him is a good way to celebrate his life.

While his death was expected, his diagnosis last year did come as a shock. His passing away was not as peaceful and literary as that of Art Buchwald, but I wish it had not been as painful as the horse being flogged to death in that story about Nietzsche.

I have used this blog on several occasions to proclaim my atheism and utter contempt for anyone who believes in "God" and other irrational beliefs. I owe a lot of my thinking to Hitchens. While I was an atheist very early in life and do not recollect believing in "God" at any point, Hitchens et al gave me the confidence that I am right.

My childhood arguments against religion were probably inspired by Periyar, Bharathiar and my school Tamil teacher, but I used to be easily be cowed down by opposing views. From a dumb "are you any smarter than X and Y person who believes in God" to manufactured creationism in Advaita. Listening to Hitchens for countless hours on youtube, helped me to not get intimidated by idiotic superstitions being passed on as spiritual enlightenment.

While Richard Dawkins and Darwinian arguments were too bland for my taste, and I wasn't patient enough to indulge in Sam Harris or Daniel Dennett kind of sophistry, I found Hitchens very appealing. However I must add here that I consider myself to be very religious or lets say, a religion enthusiast. Just that I do not believe in irrational things like God.

Early this year, I gifted a copy of 'Hitch 22' to a friend for his wedding (?!!). Hope to buy one myself and read it soon.

Thanks Hitch, for everything. There is no reason to be sad today, for you have had such a wonderful life.