Friday, February 25, 2005

Cricket Telecast and beyond!

Lot has been written about how BCCI messes with cricket in India. TV rights being prime example. The High court in Madras yesterday gave the go ahead for telecasting the Indo-Pak series on DD and the media thinks we have had a great relief. Who doubted it anyway ? Afterall judges in India have already betrayed how stupid they can be when it comes to cricket. Remeber the TEN Sports - DD row last time when India toured Pakistan? The Judge then behaved atrociously and awarded the live feed to DD when TEN sports had rightfully acquired the telecast rights shelling out millions of dollars. What kind of business ethics do we have in India? TEN sports hiking its prices many fold before the series is another issue altogether. The reason: A judge in India is no less a moran when it comes to Cricket fanatism. The telecast row involving Zee-ESPN star sports-BCCI raises many questions. Why are Indians always being held to ransom by foreign sports broadcasters (ignore DD sports) ? Why its ESPN - Star - TEN Sports and SET MAX. Why can't it be ZEE, Sun or E sports? Now that ZEE made a start, its being snubbed. Most people frown upon Indian broadcasters for Cricket. Give me a break! When can Indian channels start televising cricket afterall? Look at the ridiculus clause of the BCCI rules which requires prior experience for securing Telecast rights. Does BCCI expect ZEE to telecast school matches before being awarded International matches ? Unless BCCI puts some sense into its policies (highly unlikely), we can only lament about the crooked and last minute match schedules in India compared to the finesse with which they are handled in England or Australia. Looking at the broader picture, what is the solution to the chaos in cricket administration. How long are we going to bad mouth Jagmohan Dalmiya and do nothing else. Should we get rid of all the politcians running sport in this country. Why don't the present and former cricketers do something about it. Afterall they are making big bucks out of cricket. Probably BCCI may be better off being run by former cricketers. Most other Indian sports bodies are in chaos too. Hockey and Chess fedarations are equally messed up. What about weight lifting. Don't you think India should be banned from weightlifting all together? India are second only to Bulgaria in doping. Well I am getting sick of discussing sport administration. Let me not concern myself about it anymore and enjoy the fledgling carriers of Sania Mirza and Narain Karthikeyan instead.

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