Saturday, February 26, 2005

I hate Bollywood!

Aishwarya Rai is going places in US and almost everyone who matters has blown her movie Bride and Prejudice to pieces. What an absolutely pathetic movie to make once debut!! Although I can't remeber one good movie she has ever acted. This brings to focus my long held view that Bollywood is the worst advertisement for Indian cinema. If you are not convinced, let me assure you that Bollywood is certainly incapable of making good movies. Not because they cannot but b'cos they don't understand the notion of good movies. There may be occasional good ones, but why should we allow bollywood to shadow Indian Movie industry. I recently had the misfortune of watching 'Black'. I am totally dismayed how this pathetic piece of work is being praised by the Hindi media. Not a single actor acted well in this movie. Amitabh being the worst of all and he is so proud of this movie!! Don't think I have an aversion to serious movies. Infact I only like serious movies. I believe the Malayalam, Bengali and Tamil movie Industries represent Indian movies better. The Malayalam movie makers have always been known for good scripts and they have a bunch of good directors and actors. So does the Bengali industry. Tamil Industry is a great under performer. It has arguably the best people but ends up making very ordinary movies. I mean the technicians. It has a good bunch of cinematographers. P C Sriram, Rajiv Menon, Santosh Sivan, Ravi K Chandran and Thirunavukarasu. Not to forget Maniratnam and Balu Mahendra's camera work. Editing we have Lenin and Vijayan, art - Sabu Syril, Music ofcourse A R Rahman and Ilayaraja. Kamal Hasan, Mani Ratnam and A R Rahman are accepted by even the northeners as the best in the business. I do have some harsh words for Tamil Industry - its anti Tamil (language) attitude - but thats a different story. Some Kannada movies are also very good. (Ex. Girish Kaseravalli's) Despite all this Indian movie industry is unnecessarily being clubbed with Bollywood. I hate this! The junk movies made by Bollywood will only be watched by NRI's but at the same time portray a bad image of Indian movies abroad. What about the last year's hit 'Main Hoon Na' or whatever. What will the movie lovers across the world think of such idiotic movies. In the recent India International Film Festival at Goa, we saw jerks like Amitabh and Subash Ghai overshadowing the real greats of Indian movies. God please save the Indian movie industry from the Hindiwallahs!! Not that Bollywood doesn't have a brighter side. I accept it has some good talent. The frequency of such good movies in Bollywood is only equal or less than those in other Indian languages. The Image of Indian movie industry must be the combined one of the best movies made in India and not the stupid commercial movies made by the Hindiwallahs.

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Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree with you more. aishwarya is only being casted because of her appearance in stead of her 'acting-skills'. i do not understand people who are convinced that beauty equals talent.