Sunday, July 10, 2005

Terror Strikes London

The terror attack in London has brought the issue of terrorism back into the minds of the western world. Not that it was forgotten altogether in the recent past. There must certainly be many truly gullible people in the US/UK who think the War in Iraq is infact a war on Terror! But what this attack alongwith those in New York and Madrid signifies is that no people, no country and no city in the world remains outside the reach of the Terrorism in the name of Islam. Now how should an average westerner react to these attacks. Simply take it in your stride! Afterall there is a price to be paid for the unjustified invasion of Iraq and the persecution of the Islamic community across of the world. I'm certain not many Muslims or even non-Muslims in other parts of the world feel particularly sad about this attack. Well, this might sound totally unsympathetic to hear at this time, but this is only a fact. There are scores of young, highly motivated and invariably intelligent terrorists waiting for the moment to strike at the western targets and atleast one out of hundred attempts, they are going to succeed. London as terror target almost makes perfect sense. London is home to thousand of Muslims coming from many parts of the world, particularly Pakistan. Its a great hunting ground for terrorist groups. Please don't be surprised if all the suspects in the London bombing turn out be educated Muslim British nationals. Instead of complaining how closer to home terror has come, one should try to understand the reasons for this. The western war on terror ended sometime in November 2001. Yep! After 9/11, the entire world supported the US led invasion of Afghanistan. But instead of using that support and taking the war on terror to its logical conclusion (Where is Bin Laden by the way?), US/UK used this as an opportunity to expand American Imperialism and have affronted millions of Muslims across the world. This will invariably have its consequences. Let us for a moment think about the anti-terror (?!!) steps, the Bush/Blair duo have taken in the last four years. The invasion of Iraq, when Iraq infact had no WMD whatsoever and Saddam Hussein was opposed to Islamic Fundamentalism. (He was a dictator alright, which Arab leader isn't?) The innovative means of interrogation in Guantanamo bay and Abu Gharib prisons. (Haven't heard of Private England lately) The establishment of US military bases in dozens of Islamic states. (How about an Iranian military base in California, won't you love it?) The complete abandonment of the West Asia peace talks. (US/UK made no attempts to prevent the vilification of Yasser Arafat by Israel) The desecration of several important places in the history of Islam including Baghdad and Najaf. The unjustified portrayal of Iran and Syria as terror states. The humiliation of scores of totally innocent Muslims who visit US/UK in the name of Airport Security. If all these don't infuriate an average Muslim to take revenge, what else will?

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