Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Terrorism: What the future holds?

In the aftermath of the London bombings, the question on everyone's mind is where this all lead to? Its imperative that we brace ourselves to future scenarios than claim ignorance later. Firstly terror attacks on western targets are certain to continue. No matter what happens in Afghanistan and Iraq in the near future, US and its allies are facing a long battle ahead with literally the whole world as their battleground. Indeed the terror attacks have been widespread. If Australian tourists were the targets in the Bali bombings, the Spaniards and the British got their share of the misery in their capitals. Attacks in Casablanca, Marriott hotel in Jakarta, synagogues in Istanbul and scores of others make up the side stories. So who will be the next target? Of the big four US allies, Italy hasn't been attacked yet. Japan and South Korea are also potential targets since they have very unnecessarily got into the mess in Iraq and where the public sentiment can be easily turned against their governments even with relatively small casualties. Ofcourse unless you are a great optimist, we are all waiting for the next big attack on US targets. Now the insurgents seem to be content on attacking US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, but that is no comfort to the US citizens elsewhere. All these governments must take note and should not dish out "we weren't expecting this" nonsense later. A cursory look at the world media during the last week points to an "Al-Qaeda movement" emerging from an "Al-Qaeda organization" where local cells carry out attacks on western targets on their own and contribute to the global Jihad on the west. Al-Qaeda in Iraq led by Zaraqwi and the new "secret org of the Al-Qaeda in Europe" being cited as examples. So what's the way out? Quite frankly there's none. The Bush/Blair duo has got their countries and allies into such a mess that their people have little option other than to wait for their turn to mourn.

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