Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Justice for Sale!

It seems Jessica Lal Murder case is the media flavor of the week. While I cannot care less about the bar girl who was shot to death, I do care that some high society thugs who did this to her, aren't hanging by their neck. The prime accused is the son of a minister in Haryana. So that pretty much explains everything! Looking at the broader picture, recently there is an alarming failure on the part of the prosecution to get convictions because of hostile witnesses. Well, to put things in perspective, in many instances, it is the prosecution that is allowing if not encouraging witnesses to wreck the case.

How come Sanjay Dutt is roaming free, when he should actually be in say Guantanamo Bay! Does anyone seriously believe Salman Khan will ever spend a day in jail? Or will Saif Ali Khan, Patuadi, M K Azhagiri, Amit Jogi, Jagat Singh etc ever get convicted? These are people who have been caught red handed and everyone who has brains is convinced that they are (in cricketing terms) plumb in front of the wicket! But since their pockets run so deep and influence reach so high, they will emerge scotfree and we will only be whining as I'm doing right now! In a perfect coincidence at this time, a CD is supposed to be in the possession of NDTV in which Amar Singh and Mulayam are allegedly discussing the price tag of Judges. And the court has gagged the media from airing it. Fair enough!

The sad thing is Judiciary is one institution which has retained some respect among the people. If thugs like Manu Sharma are shown dodging the courts in full media glare, that will ruin the credibility of the Indian Judicial System. On another scale, governments have already displayed their utter contempt for the courts. How many court judgments have been subverted by the Manmohan Singh government in recent times (refer my previous blogs)? Will any Karnataka government ever accept the SC verdicts on Kaveri? How come Jayalalitha blatantly issues ordinances (like the CET one) knowingly fully well that they will be thrown away by the courts? Alas! the Justice System in India is heading for a slow but painful death.


Anonymous said...

hahaha, you are so funny. god, i can't stop laughing. seeing that you have an opinion about everything, what is your take on daniel craig becoming the new bond - should it have been rajini saar or gangulyji instead?

Balaji said...

I cannot care less about who becomes the next bond. I have only seen two bond movies and they were awful. I propbably wont see another all my life.

Anonymous said...

Me again! I was just kidding about it. Good blogs, though - very provocative and some amusing. I have a question about your blog with suggestions to Greg Chappell. Do you really believe those methods will work?

AMIT said...

every justice system has flaws, balaji. even the american system has flaws. that doesn't mean it doesn't work. i guess there's no solution to the problem. the rich were always able to get away with anything. whether you are in india or uk or usa, money works! see, if you're rich, you can obviously afford better lawyers. you don't have to depend on the state sponsored ones and that itself goes a long way in strengthening your case. courts around the world try to be equal - justice attempts to blind, but it work that way. witnesses are bought/ coerced/ killed all over the world. there is equality in this world, but, as george orwell once said, some people are more equal than others. that's how it works and i guess, we have to live with it.

Balaji said...

> Greg Chappell -> Do you really believe those methods will work?

Just kidding! But with Chappell, you never know!

> every justice system has flaws

Will we hate to have one that isn't?

About the quality of the lawyers etc, this is precisely the point I'm making. The prosecution is playing ball with the criminals to make a mockery of the Justice system. Mind you, public prosecutors get paid on our tax money!

Sachin said...

This is for the following anonymous post: http://balajiworld.blogspot.com/2005/11/ten-experimentation-ideas-for-chappell.html

I'm sure your friends must be rubbing their eyes in wonder - how is Bihar doing well without Laloo? Maybe they themselves will instigate people to riot just to prove a point. Come on! Successive Congress governments have ruined this country. Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, each one, a specimen. Narasimha Rao was probably the only Congress PM who did some good for the country. He also was the only congressman who had the courage to stand up before Sonia. Of course, as punishment, he spent his last years in isolation. The present congress government is nothing but a puppet in Sonia's hand, which explains Manmohan's poor showing. This is one point where I support Balaji. The hindi film industry issue, hmmm, I reserve the right to oppose him on that.

Anonymous said...

True! I think successive Congress governments ruined the country. Nehru was an idealist who failed to see reality. Indira was a power hungry dictator. Rajiv was a novice. Soon, Rahul will join the Gandhi gang.

Anonymous said...

Okay, balaji, here's an invitation to you to check out my blogspace at:

Lioness said...

I read Keki Daruwallah's poem on Jessica Lal that appeared in Deccan Chronicle here. Indian judiciary is as sluggish as ever. Criminals not only walk scot-free in this country but become national leaders too!

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