Sunday, April 23, 2006

Not Again !

Pramod Mahajan is battling for life in a Mumbai Hospital. I hope he will recover and the country will be saved from a terrible tragedy. This country has already lost some of its brightest leaders at inopportune times. We cannot afford anymore. Rajesh Pilot, Madhavarao Scindhia, Rangarajan Kumaramangalam and Rajiv Gandhi were killed at a terribly young age and this country would have certainly been a better place had they lived on. I still remember the utter shock with which I heard the news of Rajesh Pilot's death in a car accident few years back. I can't recollect being more saddened by someone's death. (No I'm not exaggerating!) If he were to become Prime Minister, I may have even voted for the congress. (What?! did I just say that!!)

As for Mahajan, he is my all time favorite politician. Many if not most people I know hate him! But I don't think anyone will disagree that he one of the best "politicians" this country has managed to produce. His is a success story which every politician should try to emulate. From being a school teacher in Marathwada to be the most high profile BJP leader is no mean achievement. He has his shortcomings and is probably prone to corruption. But then if you are the principal fund-raiser of a national party, its tough to stay clean I guess. I disagree with the notion that he doesn't have a mass base. Anyway its not because of the lack of trying.

It might sound melodramatic but Mahajan is among the few Politicians (apart from those of the civics book variety) whom I came to know and appreciate from my school days. I wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to him becoming India's next Prime Minister. Come to think of it - why are people whom I admire (ex. Ganguly) having a bad time these days?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I know I shouldn't joke about this, but did Pravin Mahajan watch Rang De Basanti the day he shot his brother?

drisyadrisya said...

Nice to have chanced upon this blog ..

keep up

Anonymous said...

Aw, common! Who is Mahajan? Let's not get unnecessarily emotional. He is not a name of consequence...

Anonymous said...

Probably you are supporting wrong people (ex. Ganguly)

Shradha said...

I remember how much I used to enjoy parlimentary sessions when I was in school..pramod mahajan? hes ok i guess, dont see him as a prime minister though!

Balaji said...

Well! As I had mentioned in the blog, lots of people don't like Mahajan. But I like him nevertheless! Maybe bcos I have followed his politics for more than a decade now. He has all along played a pivotal role in the BJP and there is a very real possibility that he might end up as our next prime minister. (Ofcourse he has to get out of ICU first).

Reasons why he might be our next PM:

1. BJP may win the next election by default!

2. Advani has his ambitions but I doubt the Sangh would give him the gaddy at 80+

3. Mahajan's serious contentors are Jaitley, Sushma and Rajnath Singh.

Sushma is no longer in the political limelight. She will get HRD ministry at best.

Nobody believes Rajnath is going to be around for long. The certain defeat of BJP in UP next year will be the end of the road for him.

As for Jaitley, he is too close to Advani/Modi, doesn't command loyalty of the state units and is no poster boy of the Sangh. But he is a strong contendor nevertheless.

4. And finally Mahajan has the strong backing of Vajpayee and that counts a lot.

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed about my prediction!