Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thumpin... yes but save the champaign!

We were discussing the 'Thumpin' election results during office lunch. Everyone simply took it for granted that the rest voted for the Democrats! I guess that pretty much sums up the US mid-term elections. Thanks heavens the American non-partisan voters turned up to vote. And it was time, they did. A regular visitor of this space once quipped, "Americans cannot claim to be innocent victims of terror. Afterall they voted for Bush!"

The ouster of Rumsfeld, the stunning suicide attack on the Pakistan Army to avenge Bajaur, the death sentence handed out to Saddam Hussein and the dressing down given to Tony Blair by his general are all good news in a cynical sort of way. But unfortunately none of these are going to rescue the world polity from the mess we find ourself in. Democrats for all their pomp do not have clue on what should be done in Iraq. Expect more body bags in Iraq and elsewhere.

The world seems to have entered a phase of incompetent leadership. Bush, Blair and Olmert have led their countries to war debacles. Putin, Hu, Manmohan, Villepin etc have done serious damage to their pre-office reputations. UN will have a faceless leader in Moon. Jokers like Musharaff, Ahmedinijad, Chavez and King 'minion' Jong are running the show. Perfect!

And whats in store for the next decade or so? Angela Merkel, Shizo Abe and Lula da Silva, however bright they may be, are not expected to provide global leadership. England is certain to have a prime minister far worse than Blair. John McCain, Narendra Modi (?!) etc are more likely to divide the world than unite. And ofcourse, Tamilnadu is shivering at the prospect of 'Narasimha' at the helm. Dark ages ahead.


Vijayanand said...

'Narasimha' at the helm. Dark ages ahead.


Enga karuppu MGR ipdi insult panna, nanga every month oru padam release pannuvom

GuNs said...

What can we expect?
Do you see a change in the US-India partnership after this election?


Balaji said...

US-India relations, I don't know. Though I would like to see the Democrats exposing Indian hypocrazy on Human rights, Climate change etc.

On the nuclear deal, I would be surprised if the lame duck senate approves it. Besides an ideal situation for India wud be if Democrats kill the bill and India strikes a similar deal with France and Russia. With Russia we will be paying less price for the same.