Monday, November 06, 2006

Yeh dil maange more...elections!

Its election time and the GOP is desparate to defend Capitol HIll. No wonder the 'militants' in Bajaur are suddenly visible to the 'premier warlord' and the world has discovered that Saddam's neck is ripe for a crack. Not that I believe he will ever be hanged but I still hope the EU protects the dignity of my previous blog, just in case!

Anyway I wonder whether the US system of elections every two years might be good for India. UP and Tamilnadu have voted for the local bodies within 6 months of the Assembly elections. Why should not have they been held together with the Assembly polls? Besides looking at the spectre of rowdyism unleashed by the DMK in Chennai, is there any doubt that local body elections must never be the domain of state governments and are best left to the central election commission?

I wish there are elections every two years in India too. The Lok sabha and the state assemblies should have four year terms. All states should go to polls simultaneously every two years to elect either the Lok Sabha or the state assembly. The local bodies should have two year terms and go to polls together with the above elections. Ofcourse all the polls will be exclusively the fiefdom of the election commission.

Benefits? Local issues will have a major say in the elections. One man parties and political dynasties with weak grassroot party structure will face the heat. The central and the state governments will get a mid-term report on their performance. The ad-hoc election system which means Tamil nadu has held three elections in two years and won't have any for the next three years will be done away with.

Local bodies which directly affect the voter's life will get a much needed boost with two year terms. Perhaps more educated people and housewives (?!) will come forward to try their luck in these bodies. 'Kiss here, kick there' alliances which Left parties make in different states may look more jarring. And hopefully people in Tamilnadu will get TV, land, macbook, iPod etc every two years.

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"And hopefully people in Tamilnadu will get TV, land, macbook, iPod etc every two years."