Thursday, November 02, 2006

To hang or not to hang!

I'm against capital punishment, period. Most of the civilized world has already outlawed murder by the state. All the executions I have ever heard have been carried out by China, US, Malaysia, UAE, India and Pakistan - countries which have very little respect for human rights. But lets skip the moral high talk for now!

Who decides whether an Indian should be hanged? Politicians? Media? Protestors? The criminal's family? The Judges? Sonia Gandhi? If every Tom, Dick and Harry is gonna decide whose neck is ripe for a crack, then capital punishment must surely be abolished!

Are the death sentences justified in the first place? A Poonthamalli Judge gave death sentences to 26 people in the Rajiv Gandhi case. Most of them are walking free now. Santosh gets a bizzare acquittal from a judge and death from others. And since when is terrorism in India a 'rarest of rare' crime? India's militant count will easily exceed the population of several countries!

On the macro level, if we are going to let Governments (and by its extenion the mob) lord over every decision of the Judiciary, then this country is surely going to the dogs. Manmohan Singh and several Karnataka governments have repeatedly overruled the Judiciary. Little wonder that the Andhra government thinks Congressmen can getaway with murder. Narendra Modi, are you listening to this cool idea?

Crimes against women and children are indeed unpardonable. Nobody feels any sympathy for Dhananjoy Chatterjee or Santosh Singh. But why are you encouraging murders to go along with rapes? There may be a zillion reasons to abolish capital punishment in India, the least of which is we don't have a proper system to decide who needs to hang. Let's abolish death penalty and save us all the tamasha.


Anonymous said...

I believe you wanted to hang Mohammed afzal. Now you want to remove the death penalty. What do you want?

Balaji said...

well, I don't remember supporting Afzal's hanging. I ofcourse condemn the protests seeking clemency for him. India is no mobocracy.

hmm...if the above stands are contradictory -> hanging is bad, mobs deciding whether to hang or not is worse.


Anonymous said...

I say "Hang em all".

Of course innocent people may be affected. But then, no one who's guilty will go free. Big price to pay, but worth every paisa.

Deepak Bhaskaran :)