Sunday, April 08, 2007

Cricket Chronicles continued...

You have to give it to the politicians to put a spin. And Sharad Pawar undoubtedly is very good at that. The results of this week’s tamasha are that Chappell is gone (thank goodness!), Ravi Shastry is the adhoc ‘coach’ and that the BCCI has had its way in contracts (albeit by abolishing them). Everything else you have heard is all bakwaas.

Wonder what role Cricinfo plays in Indian Cricket. Was the Ravi Shastry story a coup or a plant? He ofcourse is a good choice for the manager. But coach? We know how good he was at batting. The same time during the 92 world cup, it was his home that was being attacked. On a different plane, will a beef eating ‘Shastry’ bring bad karma to the team?

Why not a batting coach when it was batting that got us out of the world cup? Sachin, Sehwag and Ganguly desperately needed a coach in the last two years but couldn’t find one in Chappell. In anycase don’t bowlers need a batting coach? Manjrekar or some other local batting coach would have fitted in nicely with Robin Singh and Prasad.

Why do we have domestic teams like Railways, Gujarat, Saurashtra, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh? Which of the three teams does a Gujarati support? Where is the sporting rivalry between Indian states? Why throw more teams into the Ranji plate division when half the teams are not needed in the first place?

I wish Zee goes ahead with its Corporate League despite the expected ‘no’ from BCCI. A local televised series where players don’t care about International cricket will be good for Indian sport. Indian money runs world cricket. Why not make more money feeding local cricket to the masses? The local baseball league in the US is called ‘The World Series!’

I also wish Tamil Political parties take up the cause of the minnows in world cricket! Why can’t the Indian team play against teams like Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and Canada? How long will the BCCI/ICC feed on the Indian and especially the Tamil Diaspora without giving anything back?


Anonymous said...

Hey - Who asks you to write articles on Cricket? It's always a total crap.

"We know how good he (Ravi Shastri) was at batting" - One needn't be a great batsman to become a great coach e.g Bob Woolmer, Dave Whatmore, Tom Moody....

"On a different plane, will a beef eating ‘Shastry’ bring bad karma to the team" - Let Shastry eat Beef, snake, crocodile.. why the hell you bother about that.

Balaji said...

haha, so you think my non-cricket articles are not crap?!

With Chappell, people atleast said he was a batting great. With Shastry, we can't say even that. I have already said he will be a good manager. He should handle team selection, media and the internecine war among the players.

He may even be good at motivating players. But I can't see what he will teach to Sachin, Ganguly etc. If we argue that these people don't need any coaching like some past cricketers claim, then it means we have learnt no lessons from the defeats of the recent past.

Well, that beef eating part was because there was recently a controversy about that. Besides I feel all Indians should be bothered about what others eat. That Nithari guy was eating Children for heavens sake!

Anonymous said...

Ofcourse your non-cricket articles are not crap - that's why I read your blog mate!

Shastry isn't going to teach anything new for sachin, Ganguly. He needs to monitor them and just give them timely advice/tips when they struggle for form.

He may not be good batsman but he analyses the game well and that's very important. If you feel Only good batsman can perform as good coach, then everybody would have tried to rope in Don Bradman (When he was alive).

Don't mix cannibalism with non-Vegetarianism. Your comparison sucks big time. Keep your Brahmanism within your limits.

As per your Brahmanism you shouldn't cross sea. Why the hell you didn't follow that. Everybody has their own reasons to break the rules. Just how you didn't give a shit for this, Ravi shastri doesn't mind eating beef. What's your problem in this.

Balaji said...

Brahmanism?! hahaha! Brahmanism has been dead for several centuries now. And when it was at its peak, Brahmins were themselves beef eaters. The most acive vegetarians/vegans among my friends are not even Hindus let alone Brahmins.

I'm curious about food habits these days b'cos I'm doing some experiments myself. I have quit milk already and have decided not to have honey anymore. Roots are next in line. I hope one day to become a fruitarian!

Anyway coming to Shastry, all your points are valid except that it would have be better to have a separate batting coach. Ravi giving batting Tips/advice is what I would call ad-hocism.

Shastry knows most of these players and was even involved with the Crickers Association in the past. Hence he will be a good man manager. He defintely comes across as a stragist. That will help. But coaching is a different sphere altogether.

When we have decided to go for specialists for bowling and fielding, it makes perfect sense to have a batting coach as well. Here I assume Singh and Prasad would have no say in team selection etc. Otherwise it will be a case of too many crooks...

Anonymous said...

Well you can stop eating roots, honey and even food at one fine day. That's not the issue.

My point is please refrain from making comments about people eating non-veg. It's their preference and it's in very bad taste if you compare that with Cannibalism.

Balaji said...

hmm...point taken. but then i can't see what i said against non-vegetarians. cow slaughter is a crime in some states you know.

Anonymous said...

Coming to your point of having specialist batting coach as well for Indian team and your reluctance in accepting shastri as batting coach.

Just because they appointed Prasad and Robin as specialist coaches, we can expect them to appoint another specialist for Batsman.

I believe Ravi shastri can do a good job both as manager and Batting coach. You may say he wasn't a good batsman. But even prasad wasn't a great bowler during his Tenure.

These guys may have clear idea about the game (Batting, Bowling), but they don't have the talent to execute them.