Monday, July 30, 2007

Here we go again ...

Manmohan Singh will never learn from his mistakes. How else can we explain the new constitutional polemics coming from the Goa Assembly speaker who restrained two MGP workers from voting for not obeying the whip issued by the Congress party!! That was to save the Digambar Kamat led Congress government there.

To his further credit, Pratapsingh Rane played hide and seek with the Congress MLA Victoria, so that he doesn't have to accept her resignation and y'day restrained her from voting because he hasn't accepted the same! WOW! The other crook in the Raj Bhavan S C Jamir apparently wanted to play the hide and seek himself trying to be unavailable when the opposition wanted to meet him.

Even the most naive politician will know that the misadventure by BJP leader Manohar Parrikar to grab power will back-fire because he won't be able to sustain majority himself. But the lunatics running the Congress party want to continue the kind of farce I have commented about here, here, here and here.

I wish to see three things happening here.

1. BJP should approach the Supreme Court to have this mockery of democracy declared as invalid.
2. Congress party should cut the losses by dismissing the Goa government and keeping the assembly in suspended animation if not outright dissolution.
3. Political parties should now seriously think about abolishing the Goa Assembly if not the state itself and merging it with Maharashtra or creating a larger Konkan state.


GuNs said...

Quite interesting thoughts but I would disagree on the last point.

Merging Goa with Maharashtra would mean Maharashtra laying rightful claim to Konkani speaking North Karnataka of which my native place, Karwar is a part.

Now I think that's a downright stupid idea, to be frank. The states have had hugely different histories and the demographic is extremely varying. There don't seem to be any grounds for merger of these. In fact, how can anyone even THINK of it. Its like merging Bihar and Rajasthan or Bengal and Gujrat.


Balaji said...

hmm...Maharashtra is a diverse state. Vidharbha, Pune belt, Konkan, Maratwada, Greater Mumbai are very diverse already.

what abt the other option? A larger Konkan state from Thane to Mangalore? I guess the literacy of such a state wud top 90%. But there's lot of Shivaji leftovers in Konkan MH. That'll be a problem.

anyway Goans are incapable of Legislative Democracy. They need some shock therapy.

GuNs said...

:)Shock Therapy yeah!

I've been to Goa innumerable times and ironically I find it is the best managed state from a third person perspective. I might think otherwise if I start LIVING there but the roads are clean, the civic sense is great and so it the public transport. Maybe there are some things working right with Goa and other states can take positives from them.

As for creation of new states and such, I believe it is all just a burden on our economy and a huge waste of time, money and effort - not to mention a whole mish-mash of political trickery all round. Let the states be what they are and invest more time/effort/resources on trying to make them work better.


Balaji said...

most Union Territories have better civic facilities. (Goa was an UT not very long ago.) I wud be mad if they are not considering the amount of money the central govt wastes on them.