Saturday, September 29, 2007

A History of Aryans

1. Aryans are Indians.

2. They have predominantly lived in north India (Indo-Gangetic plain) roughly from the time of the end of the Harappan civilization (c 3500-1500 BC)

3. They were introduced to Sanskrit and Rig Veda by the nomads who came from Northwest India/Afghanistan/Persia. Sanskrit adopted the Devanagari script in India. [There is a possibility that Rig Veda may have originated in India and was later recycled back from Persia. But that is a mere conjuncture with current evidence.]

4. In the Vedic age, people used to worship both Devas and Asuras. The Vedic Brahmins sided with Devas (Indra, Maruti, Vayu et al) and the Zoroastrians sided with Asuras. (Varuna/Mithra - Ahura Mazda). Ahura Mazda is worshiped by Parsis to this day.

5. The earliest converts to Aryan thought were the Indian priest class and aristocracy. [Aryan thought - controlling people's access to Gods because of the exclusive ownership of knowledge by the Priest class.] They started taking converts and branded them as either Kshtriya or Vaishya . Thus the Varna system was introduced. Other native Indians, too ‘uncultured’ for Brahmins were branded as Shudras.

6. Aryans adopted a pantheon of Indian and Vedic Gods as their own. Indian Gods include Shiva (bull) and Vishnu (Unicorn - Horse) from Harappa. Murugan, Perumal, Indran, Varunan and Kottravai from the Tamil country. Gods of the animist religions of the north east. There were apparently 33 Vedic Gods. They include Indra, Vayu, Agni etc

7. Aryans then started expanding to other parts of India. According to Ramayana, Rama a racist Aryan King from Ayodhya or its vicinity who supposedly invaded the Tamil Country and Sri Lanka. [There is a parallel thought that, though Ramayana is an allegory of the aryan war on aborigines, Rama himself may have be been an imaginary character.] This Rama as was custom then, declared himself to be an incarnation of Vishnu. (Other examples of God Kings are the Guptas of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and King Gyanendra of Nepal.) Valmiki's Ramayan is among the many versions of this story.

8. Aryan religion which by now was at the clutches of Brahmins was shelled by the Carvakas (atheists), Buddha and Mahavira around 500 BC.

9. Aryans survived the onslaught by writing down lots of Philosophical work (which were known even before) into books. Hindu schools of thought like Samkhya, Yoga etc came into being.

10. Aryans introduced a mythical God called Krishna into the Mahabharata story which was already common knowledge. Bhagwat Gita gave Philosophical solidity to the Hindu-Aryan religion.

11. But this recovery was not eternal. Gupta’s who encouraged King-worship further weakened the Aryan religion by inadvertently ignoring Philosophical advancement.

12. From 7th century onwards North India stopped producing any meaningful work on religion. It came up with more Puranas and other bull-crap stories about Aryan gods like Ram and Krishna. However South India which was still multi-religious (Buddhism, Jainism, Shaivism, Vaishnavism and Brahmanism) continued to produce philosophical works by Sankara, Ramanuja, Madhvacharya etc. The bhakti-cult started in Tamil country by Aalwars and Nayanmars allowed all the people, irrespective of their caste, access to Gods.

13. The Muslim invasion of north-India completely nullified any revival of Philospohical work in North India. To counter the Allah/Koran combination, Aryans embraced Ram/Ramayan. Mahabharatha which was much smarter than Ramayan because of its Philosophical content failed to gain popularity. Ramayan whose racist intent was reduced by branding South Indians as Vanar Sena, Ravan as Brahmin etc gained popularity even among the Shudras of North-India.

14. Following the lifting of Muslim/Christian rule over India, Hindus wanted to revive their religion. Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, Aurobindo, Prabupada etc contributed to this effort. But since Aryan's philosophical acumen was long lost, they could only resort to imposing dubious Gods like Rama on others. They demolished the Babri Mosque (which may have been built on the birth place of King Rama) to assuage the hurt Hindu-Aryan pride.

15. To this day, Aryan onslaught on India’s other indigenous faiths continues in places like Tamilnadu and the North east. Latest such attempt to impose Aryan Gods on Tamils is the mindless Ramar Sethu controversy.


1. If you don't understand the word 'Aryan' and are confused by its usage in European texts, thats not my problem. May be you should read this.

2. I cannot care less about the Aryan Invasion/Migration theory or the 'Out of India ' theory. Such theories are for addled minds who have no patience to read Indian History.

3. Brahamins became a caste/varna from about 1000 BC.

4. The nomads along the indo-iranian border lands spoke Sanskrit and worshiped a pantheon of esoteric gods. There was rivalry between the worshipers of Indra and Ahura Mazda. The definition of Aryans in this post doesn't include those nomads.


multisubj yb said...

You have not written anything about the term "Dravid'a" .

Just, I wish to read your views.

Then, ultimately what is your aim/goal/message?

GuNs said...

Balaji, you need to drag your backside and do the tag.

I wont comment on the post because I think it is extremely provocative. Such unnecessary articles in the media and everywhere else lead foolish people into hating each other and provoking riots where hundreds and thousands of people are thoughtlessly killed - all because they read some piece of crap written by somebody who didn't know the difference between use and abuse of "freedom of speech".

As an informed and intelligent individual, I refuse to hate someone or something because their ancestors or customs were wrong a million years ago. What matters is now and how people behave and present themselves now.

Oh well... looks like I ended up commenting after all.

When I talk about media censorship in India, this is precisely what I mean. A large proportion of the Indian audience is illiterate and ill-informed. They interpret such news incorrectly and end up doing things which they shouldn't. It is the responsibility of the author of the article to present his thoughts without pointing fingers and the responsibility of editors to immediately direct all such articles to the shredder.


GuNs said...

I hope you don't mind my criticism. You are intelligent enough to know that we both want pretty much the same thing and peace and harmony in India is one of the main things which we want.

Anonymous said...

>> To this day, Aryan onslaught on >>India’s other indigenous faiths >>continues in places like Tamilnadu >>and the North east. Latest such >>attempt to impose Aryan Gods on >>Tamils is the mindless Ramar Sethu >>controversy.

This is very interesting. Could you please care to elaborate a little more on this. Good work, thanks.

Balaji said...

>> What matters is now and how people behave and present themselves now.

I wish the Sudhras (OBC,SC/STs) across India, Women, worshipers of indigenous gods in Tamilnadu, Arunachal Pradesh etc are also able to say this.

I can give meaningful replies to you GuNs, but I will remain speechless when a fellow Tamil says this to me,

"No, we don't need reservation.
Come, dispose your stool yourself."

[இட ஒதுக்கீடு எங்களுக்குத் தேவையில்லை.
வா, நீயே வந்து பீ அள்ளு.]

GuNs said...

>>I wish the Sudhras (OBC,SC/STs) across India, Women, worshipers of indigenous gods in Tamilnadu, Arunachal Pradesh etc are also able to say this.

I wish that too, I really do. Blaming all Aryans for the mistakes of a few corrupt amongst them isn't really a logical thing to do though. I don't know whether I am an Aryan or a Dravidian and I don't really give a shit to that.

I just wish random people stop trying to incite communal/racial/geographical disharmonies and rather direct their efforts towards finding solutions to them.

BTW, what is that stool crap? One thing I loathe again is this South Indians vs. North Indians argument which I think we've already spoken about on one of your other posts. I think its high time the two stopped abusing and started understanding each other.


Balaji said...

I think 70% of all Indians are Aryans. Anyone who doesn't reject the Varna/Caste system, who allows the Brahmanical hegemony on the religion is an Aryan. I was born an Aryan too but I'm trying to liberate myself out of that disgraceful system.

Madhu said...

I give a shit about whether we are Aryans or Dravidians or Non-Resident Aliens. I liked the analysis.

Puru said...

1. Aryans are Indians.

When you say Aryan, are you talking about the Sanskrit word ‘Arya’ or the socio-liguistic group? Either way your statement has no meaning. If you mean the Sanskrit word, it applies to anyone (Indian or not) who has a certain standard of behavior. Otherwise, the concept of an Aryan ‘race’ has been debunked anthropologically as nothing but a social construct, so you have no basis for your claim. Even if the idea of a race exists, Aryans are considered Indo-Iranian, not plain Indian.

3. They were introduced to Sanskrit and Rig Veda by the nomads who came from Northwest India/Afghanistan/Persia. Sanskrit adopted the Devanagari script in India. [There is a possibility that Rig Veda may have originated in India and was later recycled back from Persia. But that is a mere conjuncture with current evidence.]

Please state evidence for such claims; otherwise don’t publish them on public space. Your statement implies the Vedas are largely non-indigenous to the India subcontinent. The Rig-Vedic hymns were composed over a long period of time and it is largely believed that these refer to the Punjab region in their geographical descriptions.

Balaji said...

1. I meant Aryans were Indian nationals. My post-script clearly says they should not be confused with the Europeans who assumed the same name.

>> Aryan ‘race’ has been debunked anthropologically

huh? what is aryan race?

In anycase I never said all Aryans came from the same race. I'm an Aryan and I'm sure it 's possible to prove that I'm genetically different from many north-indian Aryans.

3. Linguists aren't that stupid! When they say Sanskrit seems to have non-Indian origin I believe them. I can't see how two fundamentally different languages Sanskrit and Proto-Dravidian could have come into existence so close to each other.

I have specifically mentioned Rig Veda. Rig Veda is normally considered much older and by some to be the only 'veda'! Its so blindingly obvious that Persians (Zoroastrians) knew as much about Rig Veda as Indians as far into the past we can see. Anyway I haven't dismissed the possibility that it might have been recycled back to India from Persia.

Anonymous said...

Are Ayyanars Dravidian gods or aryan gods or aryanized dravidian gods ??

Balaji said...

Ayyanars are Village Gods. i.e. other indigenous Indian Gods. But for the purpose of this discussion, we can call them as Dravidian gods.