Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Covenants - Good, Bad and the Ugly!

Not long ago, President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin made a covenant with the hearts and minds of the people of Russia. And yesterday, he has announced how he is gonna execute that covenant. The newly appointed Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov and Putin are expected to switch places in March. What a wonderful fillip to the Duma to have Putin head the list of the United Russia party!

Although Putin has said that he is against any changes to the Russian constitution, I don't think it'll be a bad idea for Russia to move to the Parliamentary system. I mean abolishing the current executive Presidency. A vast state like Russia does need strong leadership. But a popular Prime Minister is any day better than a President.

The covenant made in a meeting that 'never took place', between Pervez Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto seems to be working now. Lt.Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani is likely to take over from Musharaff as Army Chief. And the Prime Minister in waiting, Benazir Bhutto is making excellent noises like "if I can't do it myself, I'll let Americans chase the Al-Qaeda rats in Pakistan".

Although I wasn't too sure that Musharraf will shed his chaddi, it doesn't deny me the pleasure of I told you so here and here!

But elsewhere in the Largest DemocraZy of the world, the despicable covenant between the Gowda Kanthan and the BJP seems to be unraveling. I'm not gonna waste space here bitching about Kumarasamy. To borrow a philosophical term for Brahman (one without a second), these Hardanahalli Gowdas are scoundrels without any second opinion.

But is it not the BJP's lust for power, that brought this whole covenant to screw the people of Karnataka? Not long ago, BJP almost clinched the citadel in Assam before withering away. I wonder what fate awaits it in the Kishkinta state now. For starters, they would do well to kick that Yediyurappa out, keep that incompetent Ananth Kumar away in Delhi and turn to the enterprising Sadananad Gowda instead.

WQOY: (WTF Quote of Yesterday)

"Is this a government. Is this the Tamil Nadu government. Is this the DMK government, a strong ally of UPA government? If this is the attitude of the DMK government, the UPA government should not feel shy of dismissing it and imposing President rule", observed the Supreme Court Bench. I wonder when the Judges will start the 'New Justice Party'.

HFY: (Humor From Yesterday)

"Shopowners closed their shops out of fear. We can only ask them to keep their establishments open. Police won’t open a closed hotel and ask its customers whether they want ‘idli’ or ‘sambar.’ That’s not our duty," said Tamil Nadu DGP P Rajendran.

And BTW, Happy Gandhi Jayanthi or rather the 'International Day of Non-Violence'. As if that made any difference, duh?!

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Humour of the Week:

Karunanidhi said, "Those who were born as Tamils have voluntarily closed their shops"