Saturday, October 13, 2007

10 reasons why Manmohan Singh should go...

heh, All but one reason existed even last week. But I like to rub it in...

Dr. Manmohan Singh,

1. You communalised India with non-stop minorityism. (Sachar Committee, Muslim count in the Army, "I weep for terrorist's mothers", "Not one Indian Muslim is with Al Qaeda", "Muslims have first access to India's resources"...)
2. You are literally playing with the lives of Indians. Not only are Indians at the mercy of Terrorists, you have gone to extent of implementing a 'go slow' policy on investigations just to assuage the so-called Muslim sentiments.
3. You and your government have very little respect for the judiciary and the constitution. (Cases like IMDT act, Aligarh, Andhra Muslim reservation and the 27% OBC reservation. Bihar, Jharkhand and Goa gubernatorial comedies)
4. You allowed a rapist, a murderer, an absconder and a chahra chor to be part of your cabinet. Karunanidhi informed you that Dayanidhi was no longer a minister and that Raja had been moved to the Communication ministry.
5. You have no respect for the people's right to choose. You didn't get elected to the Lok Sabha, claim to be a resident of Assam when you never were, didn't vote in the last Assam elections and even in the Rajya Sabha Poll forced a selection by making yourself the only candidate when Congress could have elected two candidates.
6. You are a disaster on the development front. Five years of non-governance was the last thing a developing country like India needed. Can you give me a single development initiative in your term? You call NREG, a project?
7. You are the number one sycophant in the Congress Party. Forget Sonia, how did Rahul's boots taste? Do you think weakening the Congress Party for Sonia's benefit will do India any good?
8. You reduced India's foreign policy to a farce. (Dubya boot licking, Iran vote fiasco, pipeline non-starter, freeze on border talks with China, Shashi Tharoor candidacy...)
9. You have abused the enormous goodwill and trust, the people of this country have shown towards you. Everytime the nation (or atleast its media) wanted you come out and set right the mistakes of your government and the party, you hid yourself behind Sonia's saree.
10. The nuclear deal was supposed to be your only legacy. But you chickened out. You may claim "its not the end of life", but we are done with you.

Please resign.

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Ravindra said...

Superb compilation of MMS' failings.

Unfortunately, the public impression of MMS (as constantly reinforced by the Congress spin masters) is of a sagacious goody-goody statesman!

I hope that atleast after the volte face on the Nuclear deal, some sheen is wiped out