Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Alaska, at last!

See here for the itinerary.


FlyingHigh said...

I almost want to take off the pics I put up on my blog after seeing this. :D


Balaji said...

Guns said...

Beautiful photos!
What camera, macha?

Heres a link you might like to read : this

I hope the link works. Otherwise just go to http://hi.wikiquote.org and click the link which says Quotes about Hindi by great people.

Balaji said...


I have edited your comment since that long url made the whole page appear even more grotesque than it actually is!

Camera? These pics were from a couple of Canon S1s and a Kodak CX6445.

That link didn't work. But Quotes about Hindi? Thanks anyway.


well, I'm a bit embarrassed by these pics. They do no justice to the place! It was misty/cloudy all four days. So that explains the poor lighting. :D

Arun said...

although the rainbow and fish is missing.