Sunday, November 04, 2007

In support of the mini-Martial Law!

What should a country do when its at war? With thousands of its soldiers fighting Islamic Fascism. When suicide bombings have become the order of the day. When the largest militia in the country, namely the Army, has suffered serious setbacks like the Lal Masjid fiasco, Kidnapping of its soldiers etc. I think its a fit case for Emergency.

Pakistan had a neat plan. Musharraf keeps the gaddi . Kiyani gets the chaddi sometime soon. Free and fair elections when militants run out of suicide bombers. PPP and the King's party, PML-Q fighting for the spoils. Bhutto becoming Mrs Pakistan with all her makeup. Why on earth would any Pakistani object to this smooth transition?

Isn't the country more important than the bloated ego of one man and his cabal? Former Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, still smarting from his Marching orders (later reinstated) has thrown his country into chaos. Whats freaking wrong with the Judiciary? If they can support a zillion proclamations from Musharraf all this while, including the coup in 1999, what harm can come in allowing the above plan to go through?

Why should all Military Juntas' be brought down by force? And especially when that Military will still continue to be Pakistan's Military! Is there any civilized country in the world where a Chief Justice organizes political rallies? Even if these guys, eventually want to get rid of Musharraf, won't they be better of with the backing of Bhutto, Kiyani and Hilary?

Musharraf had to get rid of this judicial nuisance and especially Iftikhar. And the only way he could have done that is by this mini-Martial Law. I'm ok with that! Before I close, what on hell with these nonchalant reactions coming from the Indian foreign office? I wish Pakistan responds with, We regret the difficult times India is going through with its imbecile and impotent Prime minister.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Mush has his own reasons and this mini-martial law is not surprising, that too, in Pak.

I expect a 'black-swan' to happen in the near future in Pak.

Anyways this post was a good one, more precisely, the only good one, in the recent past.

Anonymous said...

You and only you (and Musharaf) can see nothing wrong with the situation. Bull's Crap.....