Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Things have been happening in Bengaluru. BJP has come to power, the new airport is open and more importantly, yours truly has moved in here! Lets see how worse the city can become bcos of me.

Kudos to the voters of Karnataka for sending Devegowda to the doghouse. The lack of governance in the last few years is palpable. I was told Koramangala is a decent neighborhood. Really? Amidst uneven sidewalks, non-existent street lighting and scary traffic, I'm happy to be alive!

And boy, folks are complaining that the new airport is away from the city. huh? If I were given charge, I would even move the bus stand somewhere close to Hosur! Keep as many vehicles off the city roads as possible, simple.

As a sidenote, what is one supposed to do if your auto-driver almost runs over people on the street and they stare at you? Anyway, I cannot wait to find an apt, settle down and start making weekend trips. More, hopefully soon.


FlyingHigh said...

Bangalore? really? I am not really looking fwd to the posts that will follow. Welcome to the city though!

Balaji said...

yep, Koramangala. cannot wait to go see belur, halebidu etc. i did read your recent post asking people to stay away :) but thanks anyway!

Anonymous said...

Are you serious about weekend trips in Bangalore? Raoming inside the city itself will be a weekend trip. Any trips outside the city should be planned only on looong weekends :-)