Friday, June 06, 2008

Obama-Lincoln 08!

Many people don't understand why Hillary Clinton is the most hated woman in the United States. Is it that difficult to grasp? On the day history was made, this evil-witch of a woman talks of "winning the popular vote", of how Obama "ran" a wonderful campaign (not "won") and how she will "not be making any decisions tonight (tuesday)".

Anyway coming to Obama, I think he will be president by default. Americans must be incredibly stupid to vote McCain ahead of Obama. But nevertheless Obama has few chinks in his armor. His inability to win big states and near total rejection by the blue-collar voters can potentially surprise him in November.

My advice would be to "stop giving advice" to 40-something working class men. It simply doesn't work. An inspirational speech might get college girls to shriek and old women to cry. But it simply pisses off fat-bald-working men watching TV over a couple of beers.

They don't need reminding how better their lives could have been with a bit of hope and vision. They just need excuses to blame their wretched lives on others. Obama should rather do small talk in cafeterias and town hall meetings to overcome the 'elitist' label that has come stuck on him.

And finally to the Veep selection. Obama would be commiting a major harakiri if he were to choose Hillary. Any man in his position would feel about Hillary just as he would about a big rat in a sewage pipe! So if he still chooses her, it would be a complete sell-out for the sake of power.

I'm actually surprised that not many people are talking about Senator Blanche Lincoln as Obama's running mate. If this is "change, we can believe", why not reinforce it with a young, very accomplished southie-woman? And that too one of the youngest Governors and Senators in US History!

Senator Lincoln is a great orator, a moderate democrat (Obama is considered too liberal, infact marxist!) and a second-term senator. Ofcourse a woman and that too an Arkansan on the ticket could blow Hillary's brains out, but is that such a bad thing?

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