Friday, July 04, 2008

The Communist Manifesto!

The Communists are at the cross roads. Here's some free advice for them!

1. Be proud of your stand against the Indo-US nuclear deal and American Imperialism. In these times of rank opportunism (BJP/Middle Class) and selfishness (Manmohan Singh), Prakash Karat is a beacon of hope for the Communist movement.

2. Learn from your mistakes. If Chinese style evacuation of villages (Nandigram, Singur etc) was Capitalism at its worst, covering up Rizwanur's murder was Feudalism of the most immoral kind. You'll pay for them.

3. Merge CPI with CPI(M). Concentrate on smaller states like Kashmir, Goa, Delhi, Puducherry, north-east etc and make yourself a significant political force in those states.

4. Promote atheism vociferously. Lead the fight against superstitions like Amarnath Shrine, Ram Janmabhoomi, Ram Sethu, Mother Teresa sainthood etc. Remember almost all educated Indians are atheists to a varying degree. If Religion is the opium of the masses, then God is poison!

5. Align yourself with the Maoists and other left intelligentsia in the country. Bring Naxals to the national mainstream. Support movements like Narmada, Bhopal Gas etc.

6. Remember, Socialism is not Communism. Socialism makes the hard working minority to feed all other lazybodies in the country. Women's reservation, minority appeasement, farm loan waiver etc are all socialist BS.

7. Champion the cause of farmers/working class and give them the fighting spirit. Organize massive May-Day parades. Introduce the Indian masses to Noam Chomsky, Richard Stallman, Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez.

8. Expand your base and widen your causes. Like, organizing Software coolies to fight for 8 hour workdays, film workers against the actors/producers, police maids against their officers, cricketers against the BCCI etc.


Vijay said...

whats happenning with the nuclear deal and the left? Will UPA win the confidence vote?

Balaji said...

BJP wants Congress to sign the deal and be done with it. Besides, it doesn't want the govt to fall and Sonia going to town how she 'sacrificed the govt for the nation' etc.

So the deal and the confidence vote should be a cakewalk. But then, Congress can screw up even the most simple things. Lets see.