Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back to the good ol' days!

Of all the things that I dreaded missing about US, world cinema was the dearest. The theater just opposite my apartment only screened World movies! But it seems the future may not be that bleak afterall :)

Between UTV World Movies, Zee Studio and the History Channel, I think there'll be enough fodder to feast on. I just watched Trois Couleurs: Bleu on WM, which ofcourse is on my all time favorite list. In the last week alone, I have recapped Paris Je taime, Copenhagen, Viva Cuba and the Massacre in Rome. Not bad :)

Don't know whether I'll get to watch 'Religulous' hitting theaters this fall. But Bill Maher will be back in August. And I'm catching up on my You Tube dose of Redstate Update, Ann Coulter, and Richard Dawkins. And it was a pleasure to watch Kamal kick some theist a** in Dasavatharam. So far so good!


FlyingHigh said...

You could also rent movies at few places near MG road/ulsoor, which stocks foreign movies. Let me know if you want to know where exactly..

Balaji said...

sure. will ask when I figure out where MG Road and Ulsoor are :)

and allianz francaise in their infinite wisdom screen movies at 6 PM on weekdays! i don't know where they're located either, but I reckon, I'd have to start at Lunch if I were to reach there on time!

Anonymous said...

And it was a pleasure to watch Kamal kick some theist a** in Dasavatharam.

Well, he also did kick some movie-goers a** by making a crappy movie :-).

Balaji said...

oh yes. my tamil review (linked above), also pans the movie.