Thursday, July 24, 2008

Political State of Affairs!

BJP: The party is crumbling.

Why is that every time there is a scandal, its MPs are always involved? The pitfalls of having an incompetent Party President in Rajnath Singh are showing again. The party should stop relying on its central managers and trust its state leaders more. Narendra Modi remains the only longterm hope.

NDA: Uncertain future but still intact.

Bringing Kuldeep Bishnoi's party instead of Chautala's INLD into the NDA fold is a good idea. People like Chautala should be avoided like plaque. Looks like AGP will join too. But NDA must ensure that Jayalalitha comes on board.

Congress: Short-term gains.

Congress and Manmohan Singh can pat themselves for pushing through the nuclear deal (which I don't support). But as Manmohan Singh has himself reemphasized, he has been a nikamma (worthless) Prime Minister and has behaved like a bonded slave throughout his tenure. Take my advice and replace him with Shushil Kumar Shinde.

UPA: Going strong.

India doesn't need people like Laloo, Mulayam and Amar Singh but its ok if they become hitmen for the Congress in the states. Should try to bring Mamata Banerjee's TC and Omar Abdullah's NC into the fold. And should eventually ditch DMK infavor of PMK before the 2011 Tamil Nadu elections.

CPM: The Struggle continues.

Despite the NDTV connection, CPM suffers from a very hostile media. Where on earth would a Communist Party support a nuclear, military alliance with the devil himself (aka USA)? How come CPM voting against the devil's agent (Manmohan Singh) constitutes a compromise on its anti-communal stand? India's gloriously ignorant and uneducated middle class doesn't deserve an ideologue like Prakash Karat.

Third Front: A good beginning.

India desperately needed a Third Front and in BSP/Left Combo, they have got an excellent one. Ofcourse I don't want Mayavati to become Prime Minister ever but just that she should give Political muscle to Karat's ideology. The grouping should try to bring Kashmir's PDP and Assam's AUDF under its fold, chuck Andhra's TRS out and get itself a name (People's front) ofcourse.


Vasanth said...

Hi Balaji,

Welcome back to India. I dont think there is anything wrong with Cong's alliance with DMK.Why PMK?.I dont understand.

Balaji said...

oh, nothing wrong with DMK. Just that PMK wants to align with Congress for the 2011 elections. I think a 3-way polity with DMK/Commies, Congress/PMK/VC and ADMK/MDMK/BJP will be good for Tamilnadu.

Anonymous said...

I think people should be responsible in blogging, One shuld not write just for the sake of writing.. This comment is in reference to ur rather irresponsible comment on Chautala & NDA. If he agrees to join NDA , that will be an asset for NDA. One shud not forget that Chautala(5 MPs) supported NDA for full six years and without asking for ministership(unlike other NDA partners), when his son Ajay Chautala was also a MP.

Balaji said...

wow! you must be first person who supports Chautala and can also read/write. welcome!