Monday, July 28, 2008


hmm ... as the country was going to the dogs over the weekend, I was partying in Goa. Well, the company jig was pre-scheduled and I was only doing my bit to rid the country of some evil fluids.

Goa and Monsoon are charming. Now I know where the stupid name Zuari for that Cement company comes from and I need to verify reports that Goan Cuisine has no veggie dish to speak of.

And did I tell you that the 'heightened security alert' at the state borders means 20 bucks per bottle!?!


Arun said...

3 reminds me of half moon bay
4 reminds me of seattle
5 reminds me of big sur
the west coast is same everywhere

FlyingHigh said...

Cocum kadi (or sol kadi) is goan and veggie. But then its a drink and I dont expect guys go there to drink that. There are a lot of veggie side dishes, nothing in the main course I think.

Balaji said...

Cocum, interesting. I heard of Fenny :)

I had some Vegetable Curry to try Goan masala. It tasted like Thai.

FlyingHigh said...

Eeesh Fenny is a stinky alcoholic drink made of cashews.

Cocum is a fruit, sol kadi comes in two varieties one with coconut milk and one without which tastes divine. Thai, maybe...where in Goa is this?

Balaji said...

yeah, I figured what Fenny was!!

I went to a restaurant in the Majorda Beach area.