Sunday, August 03, 2008


I found this interview of Richard Dawkins by one William Crawley amusing.

William asks few pertinent questions that might stump ordinary atheists. Like the one on Physical Constants. Not so tough as, "where do the natural laws come from?" but still interesting. Anyway the interview ends with this funny exchange.

William: There is a calvin irony facing you and your position Richard, that if you are right and there is no God and no afterlife, you don't get to discover that you were right! But if you are wrong, you might actually encounter God in an afterlife. And if he asks you "why didn't you believe in me?", what would you say?

: Bertrand Russell said, "there was not enough evidence, God, not enough evidence". Let me throw the question back at you. Imagine that you do go to heaven and instead of God, you find Bayle or Mithras or Zeus and he asks "why did you believe in that dreadful Yahweh instead of me?"

I'm btw reading Bertrand Russell in History of Western Philosophy these days. Orphism rocks big time! More later. For now, here's a rare interview with Russell himself.

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