Thursday, October 16, 2008

Captaincy cut-off

After the disastrous world-cup campaign, I had written that the oldies should quit by March 2008. Its October and we haven't even seen the back of grandpa Kumble. Really, who is Kumble trying to kid with his angry outbursts? Does he seriously think he deserves a place in the 15 let alone the eleven?

Last week I had the pleasure of watching Ganguly bat and am happy that he is quitting on his own terms. Considering, he has been the favorite whipping boy of Indian cricket, his departure is reasonably honorable.

However as someone wrote, Gavaskar seems to be the last man who retired with his game still intact. But ofcourse, I wasn't following Cricket then and'll never know how true that claim is. Srinath went out after a very successful world-cup campaign. I wonder whether any of the current lot will retire that gracefully or need to be forced out as is the case with Kumble right now.

But more than their pension schemes, we need to worry about Captaincy in the hands of men who don't make the cut as players. Azhar, Ganguly and Kumble have all abused their captaincy in this regard. Dravid being the exception.

I think nobody above 32 years should be appointed or retained as captain. That would save us lot of trouble. Let the senior players earn their place in the side and go out gracefully when their game is up.

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Ottayan said...

You are right only Gavaskar retired with his game still intact.

The less said about Kapil Dev the better.

One other player who still had the game when his career was abruptly cut short was Azhar.