Tuesday, February 13, 2007

World Cup Chronicles

My views on Indian cricket are very unpopular. So this post is just me joining the World Cup bandwagon! Don't bother to pick up fights with me on the comments page.

I see the world cup squad has been announced. Apparently it was a struggle to find 15 Indians who could play cricket. Don't know why we could not tell ICC that we were able to find only 12 players. We could have saved the expenses on Sehwag, Kumble and Pathan. But then BCCI has so much money.

These days Dravid struggles even against a team of reporters. But I appreciate his suggestion that we should only be sending 6-7 players to the world cup! Would have saved even more money. Guess he was far more comfortable saying what Chappell told him to say. This 'I run the show' drama is not his cup of tea.

The other day I saw a Google video on the Indian team going through New Zealand airport security. Harbhajan Singh says he won't give his shoes for agri inspection because he is too busy on the phone to be bothered with repacking them. The team manager (who was quite a character himself) duly paid $200 as fine for this. See how your money on cable/ticket is well spent.

Why should not we require that a college degree is a must for international selection? These teenage wonders from the north of the Vindhya's are so uneducated and culturally insecure that it should be affecting their cricket as well. When media says people like Zaheer, Sehwag, Harbhajan, Munaf etc have 'attitude problems', they mean just that.

Obviously these small town boys are strong characters and that is precisely the reason they have made it big on the field. But then, the 12th man cannot substitute for their off field engagements. No wonder Chappell is more comfortable with the cosmopolitan English speaking guys in the team. Well yes, Sourav is different. Thats why he is dada!

And finally, this season ends next March with South Africa touring India. By that time we should have seen the last of Tendulkar, Ganguly, Dravid, Kumble and Laxman. If they are around after that, I think Amitabh Bachchan should be in the team as well. What, you want Aishwarya too?


Arun said...

I didnt get your point?
Are your trying to say, icc is not able to choose smart cricketers based on watever thier selection is? I dunno. Its true for any field. We have 1/6th(?) of world pop and no medal in Olympics. So there are some serious issues in identifying good sportsmen, leave alone developing them.
Anyway I agree that all the cricketers get way way more money than they actually deserve. Nothing can be done about it. Its same for movie stars too or may be lot of fields. People shud become more sensible. Going back to the fundamental problem

Anonymous said...

"Why should not we require that a college degree is a must for international selection" - I never expected such a immature statement from you. If we had such rules in place, you would not have seen Kapil dev, Sachin Tendulkar (Two of the greatest players game has ever seen).

Also do you say that people who doesn't hold a college degree are morons. Think again!

Balaji said...

as i had said, this post was just a sattire not meant to be taken seriously.

Sachin is by no means uneducated. he went to a decent school and was anyway cosmopolitan. he can handle money and the media. not sure Kapil was not a moran though! remember his stint as coach.

anyway making these teenage kids attend some college would give them some maturity and exp with social life.

too much money with very little education does indeed make them morans. also remember for every 11 players who get to the top, there are countless others who ruin their lives by not getting a proper education.

Arun said...

i too agree that some sort of tests (though education is too formal) is required to make sure the sportsman can handle tough situations and pressure (but obly from the game point of view).
balaji, can u turn off the word verification. oncein a yr u get some ads, can u delete them manually?

Arun said...

btw was kapil dev a great player?? :D

Balaji said...

>> oncein a yr u get some ads, can u delete them manually?

i'm getting junk everyday! besides i can't even find to which post was that comment posted!

GuNs said...

Dude, get ready for some SERIOUS brickbats. [:-P] You've stirred the hornet's nest !

Personally, I think the only people who should go to the world cup are those who can handle the pressure even if they arent the best of players. Kumble for me, is the (mentally) fittest player in the team alongwith Sachin. He DEFINITELY makes any team in the world if he's available. Yuvraj though is highly overrated.


Anonymous said...

Arun - If you think Kapil dev is just an ordinary player. Read this article and get your brain washed.



When sachin entered into the team at the age of 16, he wouldn't have passed even 12th. As per your BRILLIANT idea of selecting player only if they have college degree, the world wouldn't have seen true magic of sachin.


Education alone cannot instill discipline/manners or prevent one becoming a moron.

Best example - Ravi shastri, Sunil gavaskar. I don't think Kapil is moron when compared to highly sophisticated Shastri's and Gavaskar's.


Everybody cannot be right always. When somebody says you are wrong, think about it before giving your justification and accept your mistake.



Arun said...

I agree that education is not required as a selection criteria for a sportsman. But, Im saying the current selection tests is definitely not good, bcos of the sheer low percentage of good players compared to our population. This is not just for cricket , any sport.

Balaji said...

hmm...if Tendulkar had gone to college, he would have forgotten cricket, is it? anyway my point was just that cricketers need some education as well. if possible do see the google video on Harbhajan Singh (search "india new zealand custom"). such people don't deserve our adulation.

a weak sports culture at college level may well be the reason why India cuts a sorry figure in most sports.

Anonymous said...

Hey - c'mon grow up!

Tendulkar is a special player because of his heroics at the age of 16. If you had rejected sachin at the age of 16 even after knowing about his extraordinary talent and asked him to get a college degree before joining the team. The impact wouldn't have been the same. Who knows he would lost the fire in him and we wouldn't have seen sachin's tru magic.

It would have made sense, if you had suggested that players should get counselling after getting into the team. Instead of that, if you still argue that collge education is a must for getting into the side - it's rubbish.