Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Postcards from Thiruvananthapuram!

Amazing movies, goddess looking girls, kovalam, swimming in the 'high seas', boiled rice, red bananas, ravi varma, honest people. Damn, why did it have to end?!

Spent four days at the International Film Festival of Kerala. Will write a separate post on 'me, nandita and the paparazzi', shortly.

For now, here's some hard truth. You can swim in the sea for a while, float perhaps forever, but you'll die unable to climb back on to the kattumaram.

And here's some demonstration on how and how not to swim/float on the waves. Thanks Sid for clicking me.


Friday: 1 documentary and Shangumugham Beach. (Sun missed us!)
Saturday: 4 movies, Napier Museum and Sri Chitra Art Gallery.
Sunday: Kovalam, 3 movies and Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma concert.
Monday: Padmanabhaswamy Temple and 2 movies.


GuNs said...

Brilliant pictures mate. How are you doing?


Arun said...

my heart always goes to kerala and its people.

Vijay said...

"my heart always goes to kerala and its people"

-- because Balaji has polluted their ocean ??

Pictures look very good...Surprised at the blue sky in some of the pictures, maybe because its december.

Madhu said...

Blogger, you rock !!